#tuesday transformation


Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess
Today you may have noticed a new page I created , someone who envy or jealous hacked Into my account .and facebook out lock on all my pages. I was granted access to personal profile but not my business pages. So I created a new one as I wait to be granted access to my old pages.

I didnt want this setback to hold me back from my purpose as light worker. You will notice some of quotes I share positive thoughts with motivation.  

Remember  we are given challenges not be cause it it’s way the universe we just have to deal with it or its karma.

Not we are giving this challenges be cause God , Goddess, universe knows we can handle and grow from. Were breaking the pattern we need shiftvour mind to new purpose.

For me I can cry get frustrated that someone did this to me
But not much I can do , but move forward
Its it messes with my business,  but maybe there was time of change coming to my life I have to accept. What do I want to transform this life now?

I’m still gathering Information,  and planning out my thoughts.

Dont let things stop you , maybe it’s time to embrace a change within life and takes you to whole new level of existence.

Be love be light-n

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