Things to remember for Summer time.
Hello its Norma  you know Forevrgoddess
Well here in Little Paris Idaho, were are preparing for our town 4th of july celebration. 

We have big chuck wagon breakfast start 6 am till 10am. Then at 12 pm we start our little local 4th july , honoring  veterans , locals , family , our local schools and more. 

Then after wards of parade we have our youth rodeo. Where kids win prizes , piglet or bunny. Kids chase to catch  bunnies or piglets , kids ride sheep.  Fun for whole family. 

I usual set up a few tables to sell my Forevrgoddess boutique jewelry  , and Crystals ,and more. I  sell my items to help make money for kids stuff for school and gabriel  birthday coming(in July )  up to buy presents .

This year i wont sell anything . I want to wait another year be fore I do since covid and all.

Plus I spend time with the kids, keep them safe  esp little trinity with all the parade cars . I might be  consider over protective of my kids , but I want them to safe and happy during parades

Here are a few things to remember,  if you going to places where 4 th july celebrations are make sure you carry a few things,  

* water. Bring water for everyone , esp little dont get heat stroke
*bring  some snacks or pack a lunch ,so every one will be I good mood. Plus  keep kids happy 

* try to avoid drinking sugary drink like pop or enegry drinks  might make you cranky . I’ve seen it with other . Esp combine hot day with sugar in people.  * bring some thing for shade to keep direct heat off esp if you have little ones , they get fussy if too hot

*sun block is always good esp if you going to be outdoor  for few hours.
*remember  Say prayer of protection  and blessings things go well. So no problems or drama start to ruin your day. 

Towards end of day of 4th my husband and our family gather around to do fireworks. And enjoy other shoot of theirs in Sky,  we watch as the sun fades Into night.

So we settle down for night.

So hopefully these ideas can help if you going to any celebration for 4th july or anything summer time.

Well  we wish happy 4th of july. May your day be bless with joy, laughter and wonders of day.

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