Hello it’s me norma you know Forevrgoddess.
For today. Let’s talk about inner strength

Many of us carry a very heavy load in life
Working a job from 9-5, going to college  or studying online, dealing with your children or family, even trying to keep a love relationship going. 

We take on alot responsibility  either we carry what our partner doesn’t or cant handle. To being single or even being  single parent with family.  

We can take the hits, remark, rude comments, even just disrespect  from those close to us or within our little world we live.  We are strong deep down, we try to empower ourselves to do impossible, or learn to take comments with ease and just deflect.

But there are times were just to tired to handle anything more. I know how alot of this feels I deal with it in my life in past or present.dont get me wrong my husband rob. Is perfect husband always helping, loving, we rarely fight, were always good.

But someone and some people in my life like cause stress or toxic waves of emotions. Which I try to handle. When I feel knocked down or feel I’m going to cry from frustration.  Rob grabs my hand says “You are stronger than you think you are” he hugs me and gives me kiss on my forehead. He will tell me loves me.  I feel his strength to give me strength.

To stand  stronger than before.  But what those os us who are alone  , or in relationships ship not uplifting or supported.now is the time rise for yourself, rise up for your children. 

As I have Mentioned this be fore “God doesnt challenges  us if he thinks we cant handle it. But it take time to re adjust and try again. Voice your thoughts you have right. Consider reading articles or talking to therapist to find way to help voice your feelings. 

How you want to be treated, how much is enough that you carry now. Remind those in your life, you are strong and complete.  But everyone says dont listen to toxic voices, rude people,  etc

. Its hard some time esp if they know how to trigger your buttons. Look to God, Universe,  Angel’s, Goddess , etc for support and faith thing can get better.make change in your life even a small to.become a big change.

If you need friend im.here
Blessings of love and light-n

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