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What does the future hold for me? An intuitive reading.

Hello Brightest blessings
I’m Norma with Forevrgoddess intuitive/psychic services. And the owner of Forevrgoddess boutique.

I wanted to offer this unique reading “what does my future hold for me? ” a detailed intuitive readings your life events to come to light.

And how to Manifest the best future for you.  Let’s soul connect to see where your life is heading for these different topics.

Love: relationships marriage, family. health :having good health,making good choices to improve your health?career:work place sucess?, going back to school?, little bit of wealth: abundance? and prosperity?

Let’s look what you need to release to invite positive enegry within. What things to be mindful of?  What you need to focus on to manifest the best possible future.

Part of  reading i work with my spirit guides, Goddess and angels to connect for you of  any angel experiences we’ve discussed in details.  To confirm and offer more info.

This reading is 10 card spread with 1 free bonus card, to offer insight or tie in all the cards.

We schedule  appointment for over the phone messager video or and offline reading

Phone ,video appointment are set certains days and times.  and with 24 to 48 hours i will email reading notes

offline reading. Once booked I will work on you reading  my alone time And i will email reading to you with a 24 to do 48 hrs  .

Please provide with email, phone number, or private message so i may soul connect with you and see to see ,what you’ve seen and experience in  dream

  Thank you may the goddess bring you love and light. Hugs
Asking for a donation of  $14.00
Private message with more question or form of payment i accept
Thank you’n

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