What part of the Witchy path do you love?
Hello its Norma You know Forevrgoddess
Today for Monday,  let’s see if I can get you share your experiences on Crafty path

Many us called ourselves ” witch, wiccan ,pagan, druid,follower of old Gods,  bruja” ,  etc. The names could be endless, I feel. When we walk the path yes I mean witchcraft or as I call it “craft” . We each have unique experiences to teach us the magick of old, old world knowledge, and more.  We each learn our basics: harm none, law of 3, be good to world, learn how to understand signs our Goddess, Gods and beyond offer us knowledge,  cast magick wisely, develop our spiritual gifts, have experiences with divine. 

To each is own path,some mayfollow a group or coven ,which beautiful in it’s own way and to those work alone. And gather only special occasions.

I’ve been on witchy path since 15yrs, I felt there was change for beyond the catholic church grew up in, I dont offend or say things bad about church. They can help many people,  that what counts.   For me i saw beyond my own personal connection with divine ws sacred to me. The  part that still draws to being part of this path is a few things.

I work with 4 elements: earth, air , fire and water”, I work with elementals that dwells there. We live in country in paris, were surrounded by nature’s. We even have a small creek next to my home, where I talk to water sprites. We create a loving home for many elementals to share our lives. . I’m close to faery and dragons.  So is my husband and family .Never dull moment I tell you. Lol.  Dj conway celtic magick taught me alot of fae. Even brian Froud  books has much to share.

Divination: yes of course being intuitive or psychic  reader. I love using all.various tools
From working with tarot cards, oracle decks, pendulums, palm reading tea leaf reading ,learn to develop my psychic abilities. And more. Each new divination I learn , I want to learn more. I started with buckland gypsy fortune teller books, and scott Cunningham earth air fire water has various divination magick to learn .

Crystals and gemstones healing and the use of Crystal in magick.  is another part I love started with Scott Cunningham books. Trust  me each of his books have alot of Info gemstones, then close friend of mine introduce me to judy hall and her wonderful crystal bible. Trust me she has more more. Even crystal prescription for even health or spiritual health issue.

There are parts I enjoy, but we can talk about that another day

What part of craft do you love the most?
What inspire your inner witchy goddess to soar?  What would like to learn more about?

I have various books within my home I’ll be happy to share  with you.

Want to learn faery magick?  Want learn what to cook for witchy sabbats? Arts and crafts?

create your own rituals? Astrology?moon magick Esbats?
Want do you to learn more about …….?

I would love to learn something even from.you.. so please share. Blessings of love and light-n

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