Hello Its norma you Forevrgoddess
I wanted to share some books with you to enjoy. If you like me and enjoy crystal healing or want to learn more about using Crystal’s and Gemstones in life.

This author name is Judy Hall. I have over 6 of her books and I’m always excited to find more . Hou can Crystal’s for any spiritual problem from spirit attachments, psychic protection, to encourage love, give courage, and physical illness to help ease your body during this time. There is so much more .

I offer crystal healing session in my home in paris and make crystal healing kits, jewelry I create for my boutique.  If you need help with suggestions let me know PM me or comment below. So maybe if I dont have it you can look.in your area.

I have 2 of her crystal bibles .though my 2 children ran off with one of them.. lol my son Gabe enjoys to read and learn how he can use Crystal’s and stones in life for day to day things.

When I make friendship necklace for the girls he likes in his class , gabe like to choose best stones we have like rosequartz for friendship and love, citrine for happiness and cheerfulness. Amethyst for inner peace and protection.

Look to amazon for her books used , you can great deals there beside ebay too.

i will post more about crystal healing and their books soon.. blessings of love and light-n

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