How do you start the week and invite positive enegry?
Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess
” how do you start the week and invite  positive enegry? How do you bring abunadance in your life? “

Each of us are lucky we can change our plan at will, yes some have to work 9-5 job, get up with kids, even do online school or work from.home. in this day and age. We can accomplish so much in short time.

With me I know to start the day I get kids up , I heat up a cup tea in kettle.  I love earl grey tea or paris tea. And munch on piece of toasts, I sit in my office which faces east .enjoy morning  sunshine spill thru. The room .Listen to birds, day time noises

I can see the far mountain of Wyoming.  And in pasture behind my home I see cows and horses.  Serene view .

I like to set intention for the day with light heart prayer to those I worship

Asking for agood day ,ask for guidinace with what ever I may do. From working  reading for clients,  inspiration for my daily blog post ideas, jewelry order inspiration , I ask to keep my emotions in check esp. With mischievous children and pets . 

I will 5 -10 mins  meditate with crystal quartz for mental clarity and inspiration , I dont meditate  for long trinity and gabe always need something.  when done give thanks.

I will as go thru my morning to check my aura and chakras see if they need to he cleanse and realign. I notice when I’m having a moody day , I likely chakra need cleanse  and aura field effected.  I use my pendulum to dect where I need a cleanse.

As I look at a list of things I must do I take one step at a time.

To invite positive area in home during week. Here a few ideas

*Sage or palo santo smudging helps. If you have kids at home have ring hand bells throught out the house. To cleanse of negative enegry. If you cant do smoke use white sage spray with essential oil

  • crystal a small crystal grid in main living g room to help bring positive enegry  use aventurine,  tiger eye,  amethyst, and rose quartz  to bring abundance, good luck, inner peace and love.

*do a small tarot or oracle reading(1-2cards will do) to gain insight for the day. Write down insight gain in journal that night evening for reflection

*light a candle that has pleasant fragrance.  If you cant use a candle battery one works well.
Meditate with candle for a 10 minutes.

*charge  water with positive enegry adding  a small crystal point in bottle of water (just becareful not to drink crystal point in bottle ) charge in moonlight or cool morning sun.

*Wear jewelry with citrine, amethyst and rose quartz.  To bring happiness “cheerfulness,  inner peace and self love

  • Wear color of green for abundance and spiritual growth, yellow for happiness,  pink for self love and warmth.

*remember to do mirror affirmations
Doing it for even 10 minutes will do even as you put on your makeup
Repeat anybody theses
“I am loved.” “I am bless with abundance ” “I can manifest good thing in my life” “I am beautiful ” ” I am empowered woman ” “I am handsome man” “,I am nurturing and loving” as my friend marlene quoted to me “k.i.s.s. keep it simple silly” you cant beat that ..lol

These are just simple ideas to inspire you
If you have any question or want to offer yoyr insight please do. Thank you for Sharing your knowledge too.

Be love be light-n.

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