#thankful thursday


Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess
Today let’s talk about , affirmations.

We each can benefit from saying little  affirmations to our selves , throughout our day and life.

when we get up in the morning to start our day. as we get ready in front of mirror to get our makeup or brushing  our teeth.

You can affirmation as your drive to work go for a walk do errands  around  town.

Make it as easy as you need. The affirmations, does not need to be long sentences. So quick to remember are easy.

The ones you like take sticky note tape to your mirror in you bathroom or bedroom.

Put it in you car or day planner to remind  you.

You could even  make calendar  post on phone for it to pop each day for certain time period or just certain  days.

Here some affirmations you may like.
I manifest abundance inmy life.
I am grateful for…(fill in blank)
Work, food, roof over head, Bill’s  paid
I am grateful for love of family.
.i am grateful to have positive and uplifting friends
I am.grateful for lessons I learn this day
I am beautiful woman
I am handsome man
I am full positive enegry
I am grateful for food on my  table
I am.grateful for my home I live with my family.

These aRe just few to use
Feel free to look online or pinterest to find more that resonate with you and your life purpose. anyone can do it.

We are each divine beings, we can communicate with higher realms.  We are connected to universe And all who live there . 

May you find light within,  to maybe share with others , to inspire others to soar as far  you go or beyond

Be love be light-n

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