How to invite a little bit of magick, in to your evening  routine.

Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
How to Invite a little bit of magick into your evening routine.  Here some some ideas I use to do a little magicks around  the home.
I’Ve discussed In past about morning routine let’s talk about evenings

As you may know I have 2 hyper little children that keep me on my toes they both special needs blessed with austism
They are each unique , playful and some times bit too mischievous. Lol I never have normal day and each day is different.

Since it’s the summer time ,kids are home . Beside normal house chores,  We have therapy appointments and 4 H classes to keep them.busy. 

The days were home  we get kids settled for the day from morning. If I sense the kids fighting alot or jusy too much enegry.
It’s time to break the enegry.

I tell my kids to grab the 2 hand bells, I light my palo santo stick and begin to smudge each room as I say blessings of peace and calm within each room as cleanse with palo santo smoke.

The kids will begin to ring the bells throughout the whole house every room we ring the bells to break up tension,  cranky or negative enegry built up from the last few days.

As I cleanse and say the blessibgs I ask Goddess to fill the room with glowing positive light and happiness.

So by the time my husband rob comes home from work kids are calm and house is cleansed. We begin to settle down for evening.

  Another part to put a little magick is when cooking dinner, as you add the spices to bless the dinner. I stir in  a lil prayer that tummy are full and be able to settle down for quiet evening  and restful sleep.  I some will bake a sweet treat ask for blessings of love and joy.

After eating dinner and watching  a movie. If time look to read abook for little  while or look to what i will post for next day article.

I prepare to go get things ready for bed for our family .

When time to shower I take quiet time to do shower meditation allowing  all the stress to be release into water and float down the drain .

I will use essential oils to shower water at the bottom of tub to help room steam air with healing power
I use lavender . Even using  lavendar body wash or shampoo works wonders on sense. Help relax you for the night.

Then I do  my evening routines of facials creams, take vitamins, etc

Then I get every one ready  and tuck into bed. Read the kids book.

Then  I like to nightly prayers thanking  everyone(God, Goddess, Universe,  Angel’s, Elementals, that bless us with any blessings and offer us guidance for the day.. I ask for goodnight sleep for husband, children.and our pets, Give them a good day tomorrow.  I send blessings and healing to  friends , family,  clients, our  community and world

Then when done that prayer,  I ask for my self to be given good sleep and wake up to the next  beautiful day. Im always Excited to see what new things to learn the next day.

Simple stuff , I know . But magick can be what ever you wish even if living  alone or with partner . You can still invite magick daily. 

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