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Hello its norma you Forevrgoddess
I have a beautiful oracle deck called “Moon mantra” which came from spiritual magazine in UK. These cards are inspiring, thoughtful , colorful photos and unique quotes . All connected to the moon.
I wanted share this one today “I am never alone at night, because I know that the moon always listens” .  Some times when we feel alone  in world,even when we surrounds by people in our lives. There were times growing  up , even over the years I look up to the moon. She always silent but I feel her speak in my heart. No matter problem or situation I always knew I could talk and open heart to her.

Remember  we each are connected moon,we can each become inspired by her. Yes it’s True ,us women are connected by her cycle as we women are with our  bodies.

But all of us can find ways to use the moon enegry by working with different phase of the moon.  We begin with new moon to set our intention,set our  goal we wish to accomplish for month. As we grow from new to moon to crescent to full. We watch how our life can flourish with desires manifest if we each night work towards our goals. We can each manifest blessings in our life , just being aware the world around you .you may see the signs of ways to be inspired. Maybe the moon with universe may sprinkle some lessons and new spiritual growth opportunities along the way. When full moon goes to dark moon were grateful what weve learned and accomplished. And time of self reflect is needed. Go within, see what next you wish to accomplish.  Set goals for growth : spiritual, physical, emotional,or just for you.

Remember  mother moon is always there for us , take a moment  to thank the Moon for being a true and guiding light while in dark.

I chose these 5 gemstone support crystal quartz for mental clarity, citrine for inspiration and cheerfulness,  amethyst for inner peace and rose quartz goddess for love and comfort smoky quartz to dispel negative enegry

If you need help setting goals , I’ll be happy to give some insight. PM me if needed
Be love be light-n

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