Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess
Let’s talk  about mindfulness , I know this isnt a new topics around the world. But maybe a few parts I’d like to share to help think esp for wellness and taking care of your body.

I can drone on and on about eating g good foods, and drink water  etc. I know that can get bit boring, when talking about mindful eating . It’s important slow down and think about what you eat.

Even if just a piece of fruit. Let’s talk with apple. You can go to any supermarket even coffee shop and grab an apple to purchase and eat it
But let’s take a step at time. Let’s mindful  about  . Imagine purchase apple

And hold apple in your hand, look at the apple colors is a gala apple or green apple? Think where it came from to get to this place?
Notice the smell does make your mouth water ,you can almost taste it

Then take a bite of apple,  do feel the crisp crunch of it . And chew the apple . Do you taste the sweetness of the apple flavor. Then swallow the apple feel go down your throat.

Remember why your chose this fruit. And even its name.

See how you feel full . In your tummy to be content with this food even just for this moment.

I know I’m not the only, there havwe been times we can sit binge watch netflixs . And eat food with out thinking not enjoying our foods.

Just eating with out thinking. Sometimes we eat so fast,  we dont process what we just move on to more food. that can get  bad for us esp when comes to our health.  And possible weight gain.

I’m not telling you what to eat or not.
No just become aware of food  you eat. 

Take joy cooking your meals at home ,  make the recipes colorful with vegetables  and yummy . take time to look for new recipes , I love to look on pinterest  for recipes .

something I know my family would enjoy.  I try to do new one each week.

Well  I hope I was able to inspire you. Smile your loved by this Latina Goddess – Be love be light-n

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