Hello its norma you Forevrgoddess
I wanted to present a book for your consideration to read.

This book is called “empath ” by Rozella Hart

It’s small book but bv packed with great Info for those who are empaths ,and understand the role of us empath have in life. All of us are psychic we just need to become aware of it or turn on the switch.

Empath or clairsentience  means clear feeling. We can sense with our emotions , many of us  can feel it   from people, children  animals, places or location , even objects.  that  carry emotional imprints of enegry.
Empaths can walk.into room of people and be able to empathicly sense who was fighting and why. 

This book example with detail about empath traits, understand your empath gift, how to see destructive pattern ,how turnover come toxic relationships, and set boundaries and find fulfilling life.

This book for perfect for those who are empaths, want to learn how to help loves who is empath that struggles, even see the signs to see if they are empaths

If you have any questions about the book or need more Info to discover if your empath

Look to our other article 20 signs your psychic

The send me PM me . I’m here to help
Blessings of love and light-n

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