Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess
Moon mantra for today is ” I see the Moons’s reflection in the sea as clearly as I see the Goodness in my soul”.

Love thyself. Accept your self. Become awaken to a new phase of life.

Even if others try to point our your mistakes or Faults. Learn to Rise above those that may hold you back . If there were mistake that happen. Learn from that hidden lesson.and move forward.

We are unique and we each are filled with love and joy and Goodness.

Were perfect in our unique way. Other will judge because they dont accept themselves. And it’s not your job to worry about that.

Take time to honor yourself. Remember to say in mirror ,or even pop up message on your calendar . Any of these phrase.
“I am worthy of love”
“I love myself”
“I am filled with love and light”
“I am accept myself as I am”
“I am generous and kind”
“I am lovable and funny”
“I appreciate myself’

Try not to judge yourself so harsh if you feel to do so. Remember we each chose to come down and learn some lesson to help reach enlightenment or next phase of our life.

If you need help look for friends, loves ones to uplift you and offer support. Dont forgot to offer the same in return. For those who support you.

If you have any questions im here to help

Gemstone chosen were:amethyst for inner peace and protection. Rosequartz carved Goddess for love , tenderness, self love.
Tigereye for inner strength, confidence.
Unakite:balance mood swing, love and comfort.

. Be love be light-n

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