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“Remember to find joy”
Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess
Here another positive transformational quote ”  Remember to find joy” this come from my pocket charm called brigid heart.

Today let’s talk about finding joy in life. We may find joyful moments inlife and not realized it. This quote can be consider being thankful for things in life.

As summer comes to an end next week I thought to be fitting to create a small list to create to start to enjoy the changing season. I love watch our leaves on tree begin to change colors. And with cool temperatures at night I feel the beginning of fall.my favorite time of year.

List of some ideas you find joy or be inspire to think of moment to be joyful for.plus feeling bit witchy is fun
• Find joy enjoying the first sip of coffee in morning while sitting in sunshine on cool day

* using crystal grid to invite positive enegry in for fall
• Enjoy a autumn picnic  with you loves one, talk positively and laugh.
• Going shopping to find some unique items for autumn, witchy  or Halloween decor for your home
• Having a uplifting conversation with friend or love one.
• Go picking for Apples in orchard with loves ones
• Go for walk in nature , in nature park , forest or even country side collect autumn leaves and acorns  .find some autumn crafts ideas
• Take a moment to do self care for autumn season
• Curl up with good book for spiritual enlightenment,  I can refer some just ask
• Sip a cup of  pumpkin spice mocha or hot coco .I love to get my cup at my local coffee shop.

These are small ideas I will present more in our article for enjoying witchy  autumn season. Have any questions im here to help.

We have autumn box sets as well brigid heart gift set within our Forevrgoddess boutique.  PM me with questions

Go to our contact page to find a link to my boutique.

Be love be light-n

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