Witchy Goddess Inspired ideas to do for Autumn season

updated 8/23/23

Hello beautiful spirit , I have some witchy ideas to enjoy the Autumn season, this year come . come sit for spell or two, and learn some  autumn season activities. You can do for next two months. So let’s start shall we??

Hello beautiful spirit , it’s Norma you know Forevrgoddess. I’m excited for autumn to come this year. It’s been a warm summer, and we’ve enjoy the beautiful thunderstorms that bring the heavy rains . plus i love it when it cool temperatures. this year were celebrating the super blue moon this last day of august 31, 2023 and with unusual weather we’ve had as of late it doesn’t hurt to look toward coming of September

Our leaves are changing colors for autumn season, bright colors of green, yellow ,soon orange and red will come. The last bit of summer camping will end next week with coming of labor.

  Then  hunting season will begin and the hunter from other states or locals will be up in our hills. They will look for deer or elk and other animals to feed their families in winter. The circle of life always continues.

With coming of autumn, I always celebrate with 1st of September with a big fashion. Depending one weather I like to cook some warm comfort foods with tasty baked treat after dinner for the family.

I know I’m bad these last two weeks I’ve been buying hot or ice blended mocha flavored with snickerdoodle or pumpkin spice ..lol  my husband makes fun of me when I do.

With coming of autumn equinox then Samhain or Halloween , it’s fun to get in a festive spooky  mood.

Every year since me and husband Robert got married on September 23rd, around the time of autumn equinox. We celebrate by decorating our large front yard with Halloween décor, we have in past angel of death, cemetery with tombstones, scarecrow, dancing ghosts, spider web  with big spider and more. Each year we try to create something unique. Well celebrate 13 years this September.

Now a days with autumn season coming and fun little Halloween or autumn decors comes into our little stores. I’m excited to see my children get into the spirit of things. My daughter get excited year  round for Halloween so does the rest of us. Every September 1st  we put cd or now flash stick with our favorite Halloween music from midnight syndicate “Halloween music “with big jack o lantern on the front or  “13th hour” , we also love to  play “Gothic” – Nox Arcana  into our car stereo. We play various spooky  music till Oct 31. Kids love it when we do esp. for drives over the mountain to do some shopping. Listening to spooky music sets the mood.  I know were weird, but at least we have fun.

Now to list to do for Autumn season, I will includes various ideas as well new ones to enjoy. Plus a little bit of witchy magick , that will get you feeling for this autumn or Halloween season.

  • Have Autumn picnic with friends and love ones, before the weather gets cold or a warm day in September or even October. Make Hot soups in thermals, hot tea or coffee, hot coco, finger sandwiches, warm baked cookies, and other warm food perfect for picnic.
  • Go to Apple orchard, pick apple and make some unique Apple recipes I like to make Apple, cinnamon with oats bread or muffins.
  •  Go to pumpkin farm and pick some pumpkin décor maybe even carve a pumpkin with family or love ones.
  • Learn some new comfort foods recipes for you to try. Look to Pinterest, or online to find some recipes. I love to create shepherd pie, Chili, loaded baked potato chicken casserole, beef stew, tomato soup, hobo stew,  I love to try small slider sandwiches. make snickerdoodle muffins, gingersnap muffins or pumpkin bread
  • Make apple cider doughnuts, or enjoy apple cider with some of your  evening meals.
  • Create a warm bonfire , enjoy looking at stars maybe take telescope look at what astronomy calendar events happen this autumn season: draconids or Orionids  meteor shower.
  • Create warm bonfire with magickal friends create some : Protections spells, balancing for both day and night, prosperity and abundance spells,  Protections from any mischievous spirit within the  home. Toss in spells written on paper to release to your spell to goddess
  • Snuggle up next fire and read some autumn witchy reading. I have autumn reading list in post I did last year ‘Top Reads for Autumn seasons”
  • Visit corn maze with friends and family
  • Go to Autumn festival, enjoy the autumn treats.
  • Make homemade pie, and use sugar cookie cutters to cut pie dough to décor your pie. Don’t forget to carve in a few symbols for protection, prosperity, and  love.
  • halloween theme or autumn family photos shoot
  • Host a witches tea party, enjoy loose leaf tea with baked sweets{ I did my party with rose flavored brownies, lavender lemon pound cake, Russian tea cakes and I served
  • Paris tea}, and do tea leaf reading we everyone cup. I can refer a few books.
  • Go ghost tours if offered in your area, go haunted locations and explore. Make sure to do protections prayer before. You don’t want to bring home a friend. I know some people it has happen to before.

“Remember to celebrate this Autumn  season with family, loves ones and friends. Tell how much you appreciate their love and support in your life. And to those who passed away give honor to them , give thanks to those who uplifted you in times of need or guided advice.”

Other ideas: I mentioned last year with my other article. “Witchy celebrating Autumn season or Samhain  Ideas”

  • Go for walk in local cemetery, visit Love ones who have passed on,and bring flowers or come talk to them as you remember them. Day time walks are nice or close to evenings.
  • Buy a few new autumn candles, bring the warmth of light to your home, and enjoy the candle light glow bright, don’t forget to add a little bit of magickal say a prayer for blessings of them home for positive energy, happiness and joy this Samhain / Halloween
  • Create an ancestor or loving memory of those who have passed on Altar. Set candles, flowers, colored altar clothes, gemstones, even photos of them. To honor them. Look to my other post “All Hallows eve honoring departed love ones.” For details on honoring the dead.
  • Buy or create and Charge  a  protection pendant, to carry during this beginning of holiday season from negative energy. We carry some within our Forevrgoddess Boutique
  • Look for a new Autumn or Halloween outfit, matching accessories, that you can wear year round or simple for this autumn season. Look to amazon or ebay for great specials
  • Look for fall festive Jewelry, perfect with Moons, witches hat, Bats, etc. We carry various Fun and Festive  Halloween inspired Jewelry in Forevrgoddess boutique.
  • to go Fall festival we have one in our valley for a few years a now, i can’t wait to set up my booth this yer
  • Create your own jewelry for fun with friends and family, look to Hobby Lobby, Amazon, Ebay , etsy for beads and other fun inspired items.
  • Honor the” Dark Goddesses” this Samhain for those who you worship that have helped along this year. Here’s a small list ,those that are celebrated are usually {Hekate, The Morrigan, Persephone, Demeter, Cerridwen, and  I know there is probably more}
  • Do some Moon Magick for Coming full moon, banish and releasing, typically for full moon magick is  Second chances, to cleanse, yourself, renew goals, do tarot or divination for guidance and lessons you must learn now. What do you want to invite this autumn season before winter sets in?
  • Smudging you home from any negativity , tension, stress, even illness that has been collected these last few months to few weeks.  Open windows and Dorr if weather permits to push out smoke and negativity,  and Use White sage or my favorite Palo Santo. Don’t forget to smudge yourself, put the intention into your home of “Peace and Calm” so all who dwell there are at  peace and all is good.  I do ritual smudging often esp if kids get wild or just feel yucky in home and need fresh energy. I have the Kids rings the bells in every room to banish negative energy invite positive energy within.
  • Do divination reading for this coming winter months, use Pendulums or Tarot cards.  Learn to candles scrying or Crystal balls. They are fun to do, I like to do it maybe once a month to check up how things will be for this coming month every full moon or when needed. Books by Scott Cunningham, Donald Tyson, Ted Andrews and Richard Webster can help teach  few divinations techniques. Learn with friends and share your experiences.
  • My favorite Carve a pumpkin with family don’t forget to put protection charms or carve sigil  to bless the home with positive energy, bring blessings of abundance, joy and love this Samhain/ Halloween.
  • Take some to find Halloween or Autumn décor  you can paint that will add accent your home. Paint with festive colors, look to hobby lobby for ideas. If you find one already paint . then do with item you painted or not . Mark on the bottom or back with Protection and blessings symbols or sigil to bring home best the season can offer. Plus if you create a spell or prayer keep note of it so you can do it every year if you put away or once a month if you keep it out.  I will present an article about it here soon.
  • Have small gathering of Pot Luck, Or maybe with some family or Friends make Fun Halloween inspired  sugar Cookies and have Cookie decorating Party.  Buy Cookie sprinkles, Add Food coloring to white frosting in various colors. Look for unique cookie cutters spooky and festive. Look to www.cookiecuttershop.com  for fun cookie ideas. They have everything for cookie and cake decorating.
  • Go to Local Coffee Shop and enjoy a Fall flavored beverage or Coffee. I love Pumpkin spice or snickerdoodle mochas. Try fall Food baked good, something simple.

Just remember to do some self care this season, and enjoys the wonder of Fall. We cherish what we have here in Little Rural Paris Idaho. So I hope this list will inspire you and your love ones too.  This just some ideas to offer this season to enjoy the best of this season has to offer. I wish you all the best.

 Be love be light-n

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