Witches Night Out, Autumn Edition

Updated 9/6/2023

Come learn some  ideas how to celebrate your Witches night out, As of September 1st  I call it  “Tis the Season of The witch” till the last day in October. Let’s explore some ideas  I wish to share with  you to have the best magickal moments  with witchy friends this autumn season.  

Hello ,it’s Norma  you know, Forevrgoddess. I wanted to share some ideas how to celebrate Witches night out.  As of September 1st  I call it “Tis the Season of The witch” till the last day in October. Let’s explore some ideas  I wish to  share with  you to have the best magickal moments  with witchy friends this autumn season.    So come sit for spell or two , grab a cup of tea and let’s talk about ,  you can do during  spooky nights this season.

This post will be part of seasonal  witch- wiccan inspired ideas I want to present to  you. I recently a few months back I wrote” witches night out Summer edition” ,  I can’t wait to continue with the other seasons as they come by. So let’s begin shall we? Lol

I love to see leaves begin to change up in our rural mountains in Paris, Idaho. The Autumn and Halloween décor begin to come into to stores the last couple of weeks. and some people bringing out their pumpkins everywhere.  I’m excited for this year to come, I love all things autumn been working on some jewelry for my Boutique , for  Autumn/ Halloween season .

Now many of hear witches night out in October think of witches ,groups girlfriends dress as witches and enjoy an evening out. I was part of witches night out years ago, here in Montpelier, Idaho. Group of ladies, though only knew one friends , invited me to the dinner. It was fun at one our local restaurant . A rather large  group of women dressed as witches.  sat and enjoyed each other company with meal . They cackled, giggle with joy , and had a blast. It was such a fun time, I will remember it.

Witches night are usually with group of women, now my husband who’s wiccan says “ Men are witches too”, he said,  some say” warlock”  . With way the world has been turning over last few years. I believe anyone  on magickal path can be welcomed.

Here are  and more ideas, don’t limit yourself to this list, consider this  inspiration board to bounce from. Create it your own, I promise you will have fun.

Halloween inspired  sugar Cookies and have Cookie decorating Party.

 Have witchy gathering of those close to you, even children.

Buy various cookie cutters for autumn harvest and Halloween, every store { Walmart, Ross, Micheal, Hobby lobby}  or even thrift has them out if you can find them. Buy various sprinkles,{ I stock up for each year and portion out by small cupcake cups}  I usually buy a lot of various color sprinkles and cookie cutters from Look to  http://www.cookiecuttershop.com for fun cookie ideas. They have everything for cookie and cake decorating . I get some unique fun, cookie cutters: witches, bats, pumpkin, unicorns, mermaids, faeries, etc. Add Food coloring to white frosting in various colors. Look for unique cookie cutters spooky and festive. Serve a small easy dinner with party.{ We serve My husband Rob mom and grandma chili recipe every year} We Usual  Do one every year, except this year and year before because of Covid, we will hope for better new year in 2022,  we hope to do next year.

Secret witch, trick or treat exchange:

Yes it’s similar to Secret santa, but why not do something similar for month of Halloween. Take slip of paper with written  name, of everyone at party. And draw one name each out of witches hat. Have arts and craft party exchange gifts when done to spread the Halloween cheer to all.

Pot luck  Dinners

Have witchy gathering enjoying  some delicious comfort food recipes  you can make for guest and have each guest bring something to share. Do recipes like “ chili, beef stew, drink hot apple cider, or hot spiced wine. Make apple dessert to finish off the meals.  Enjoy the dinner maybe with watching Horror movies or  witchy  movies like Hocus pocus, Witches of Eastwick,  The Craft, The Covenant

Solar eclipse gather: this year of 2023 are having Solar Eclipse in certain part of the US, October 14 , 2023 we will have annual solar eclipse. an annular solar eclipse occurs when moon is too far away from the earth to completely cover the sun. result a ring of light around the moon. . lucky people will visible of eclipse areas; pacific ocean off coat southern California, Canada, along southwest of united states, central America, Colombia, brazil. a partial eclipse will be visible north and south America. consider doing afternoon picnic or tea to see this unique event.

Witches High tea party

Enjoy each other company with High Tea party, Look for some loose leaf tea { my 2 favorite loose leaf teas are  Marie Antoinette – Nina’s Paris – hint of roses and apples black tea. Paris tea by Harney and sons both are found on Amazon} enjoy the party with finger sandwiches, baked sweet treats , at my last party a few year back I made Rose flavored brownies and lemon lavender pound cake.  And bonus with loose leaves in pot of tea do a little tea leaf reading with each witch’s cup to see what her future will be for rest of week or year.

Gypsy fortune telling party

I know not so “witchy” but every witch worth her salt will love to exchange readings , practice and try new form of divinations; consider  making worksheet and study time to fun to explore and try new divinations. Consider doing ; Palm reading, Face reading, Psychometry, Crystal scrying, Tarot cards, oracle cards, Fire scrying. Old traditions customs and legends : Halloween was a common to love reading and to scry for one future for rest of coming year.

Halloween Arts and craft party

  • Find unique Halloween décor or create  your own spooky décor. Consider putting sigil or protection symbols on back or underneath to offer added protection to the home.
  • Make spooky or witch theme door Wreaths
  • Make witchy or Halloween theme jewelry, to Wear this holiday season look to Pinterest or Hobby lobby or Oriental trading they have fun DIY jewelry making sets for your friends to make. Even exchange for secret witch  treat exchange.
  • Make witchy protections jewelry , find healing gemstones, and silver protections charms create necklace pendants , to wear on chain ,  add to pocket or purse ,even tuck and pinned in bra for added protection.
  • Gather the scrape book material and card making supplies and create unique Halloween, Mabon, Samhain sabbat cards and exchange them with friends and family. Even start to prepare for winter solstice.
  • Make ritual baths: gather supplies for herbal salt bath, crystals and  gemstones.  have the witchy friends make for each other or even make . for secret witchy treat to exchange.

“This time of Year for Autumn or Halloween, it’s remember of those within you life you cherish. tell those in your life how much you Appreciate their love and support this past year. And give thanks to Universe to be able to share moment together. Celebrate this season. You can find Magick in every thing in life not just Samhain or Halloween.”

Super moon gathering : September29, 2023. if you missed last month of August super blue moon, no worries you will get a change to see a super moon for September perfect for the autumn season. consider taking or buy a small telescope out with family or friends. look a the beautiful moon with all her glory. consider doing a bonfire , roast marshmallows or cook meal with Dutch ovens over the open flame. enjoy the night .

Moonlight witches party:

Celebrate with witchy friend a Full moon party. Included moon shaped cakes or cookies, and warm tea, or Apple cider. Do small blessing ritual under the moonlight. Even do reading for this month . we carry full moon gathering kits within my boutique.

Witches night out : storm watching

Were blessed in southeastern Idaho, we get the thunder storm from bear lake that comes from Utah or over the mountains from Utah. And yes they get big storm.  Gather with group  and watch the storm in area. But be safe with Severe storms please. 

Gather thunderstorm water to use in spells and rituals

•             Charge crystal gemstones and crystals in glass bowl let it sit in rain.

•             Do  some rain magick as group.

  • Tell ghost stories and legends of area by candle light.
  • Get copy of “coloring book of shadow “by Amy Cedri. she has several books to choose from  make copies for everyone, and break out the markers, color pencil pencils. and color pages to enjoy while it storms outside
  • Make Witches runes, collect river rock, paint and copy of witches rune symbols and create set for you or gift to friend.

•             Have potluck dinner: share some favorite Autumn  time comfort foods

•             Create fun drinks for night storm

•             Make some rice kripsies treat with autumn leaves , and Halloween sprinkles, I know my kids love it when I do .

•             Dance in the rain, my son when he was little we had porch cover we went out side and chant to storm to let thunder rumble and it did. Gabe was so happy, then we went inside ..lol

Here are my ideas to having crafty witch party with group of friends, things to do as group. Invite the kids to join in. make it a magickal affair for all.

Closing: witches night out can be any time of the year, don’t let anyone tell you different. we are each magickal, no two soul alike , but that what makes us unique. celebrate with friends even if your not on magickal path, share your rich world with others. have fun this Autumn season , don’t to forget to dance under moonlight, i know i will be. Be love Be Light -N

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