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Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Today Transformational quote is “Remember to be Courageous ”  this came from my Brigid heart pocket tokens.
This quote inspires me to write  this small post.  Each of us have set or have challenges in life. That we need to overcome or a challenge we need face that can set us back. I remember going thru a tough time ( who cause alot of problem) with ex finance and his grand ma told me ” God gives you these challenges not because you cant handle them . But you actually can handle and overcome it”. The struggles I had that I felt would defeat me. I took a moment  . Told her” thank you for your knowledge. ” I move forward and left my ex for better life else where.
But I realized let my fear that was holding me back .we need to move forward
We can each allow our own fears and insecurities to set us back when dealing  with challenges in life . But I may have some ideas that help work pass the obstacles in life.  or even see why if happens again and again why it.

• Say prayer for spiritual guidance pray to Angel’s like Raphael , Gabriel or Michael.  God, Goddess, universe.  Ask for signs to be given to help work on solution for your challenges.
• Journal your thoughts ,focus on fears or insecurities what keeps you from facing this challenge. 
• Ask for help from  friend, or some one who offers to support.
• Consider talking to a therapist to help your sort thru thoughts and be they can help you see pattern and how to move past it.
• Do tarot , oracle cards reading
• Use empowering  affirmations to help you focus on positive outcome
• I am worthy of good life
• I deserve the best in life
• I am successful with any challenge
• I release my insecurities. I am strong
• I release my fears that holds me back
• I release my self doubts
• I am confident. I am strong

* I am Courageous
I hope some of this will Inspire  you to overcome any challenges.
I’m here if you need me . Belove be light-n

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