Self care for autumn brief list


Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess
Let’s talk briefly on self care for autumn season. Many of us are busy with daily life( going to school or online college,  work , family life, home life, etc)

we need to take time to reflect bring balance into our lives as autumn equinox  approaches .

We need to figure out what we can bring more balance approach in our lives this autumn season as it becomes winter.

Self care ideas
• Buy a journal to write down , and reflect what lesson you have learned this summer . Consider doing journal prompt question see how far you have spiritual grown this past year. And what goals you want to set for this season.
• Do coloring  meditation with fun coloring book and markers and have fun ,print off copies let kids join in
• Meditate for 10-20mins a day ,I use insight timer app which free look to google play store. I love my app
• Meditate with Crystals and gemstones, use rosequartz,-self love and comfort  amethyst-inner peace and protection, amazonite – help calm mood swings, larimar-bring about peace and harmony
• Soak in Epsom salt bath with lavender or rose essential oils.  For 20 mins
• Bake a treat and share with love ones or friend with tea.
• Go for nature walk and see the changes from late summer to fall
• Snuggle up cozy with books
• Spiritual cleanse home and self with smudging herbs:palo santo, cedar, white sage.

I will share more in article soon . Have any questions im here to help

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