)0( Affirmations of the day, honor myself )0(

Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess. Todays affirmations says ” I Honor myself by using uplifting and loving words”

I wanted to remind each of us try not to use negative words in life about others or even yourself. We should each value ourselves in a positive manner. Try to limit the amount negative speaking , when with others or about you.

This world can be ugly right and let’s try to make change for ourselves and love ones. But remember we are #1 to ourselves first. If you notice people your with talk negative or talk negative to you try to limit their time with them,or avoid them if you cant stay away.

Remember self love is important we show the universe what we talk and do. Then the universe blesses you with similar experiences. Thinking positive cant be done overnight.

So baby steps ok? If you need im.here to help. Be love be light-n

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