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Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess
Today affirmations I created says “I open my self for inspiration to live a passionate life”

Many us are busy everyday, I know I get up my husband rob helps me get my son ready for school be fore goes to work so I only have my daugther trinity and get gabe lunch ready for school. I take my coffee and off we go to school. I like to take moment after everyone gone off to where they go.

To remind my self to find ways to feel inspired. I try to come up with ways to suggest to you all to help you find that passionate spark. Each of us have alot to do. But remeber to enjoy and relish life in all its forms.

Here is paris idaho its quiet after summer home people leave . But take a moment even to feel the warm glow on your face, how nice it is in this time of year.

maybe hold a few healing gemstone to give the positive vibration humming . Even just for 10 mins. Always pick gemstone or crystal if you need help with particular need. You know like need inner strength and courage tiger eye got your there , need some self love or all things love rose quartz or pink Botswana agate . Need some abundance to come to your life with side prosperity green aventurine and pyrite can help.

Another way to live passionately is enjoy your moment with love ones and friends. Make dinner and share with friend. Enjoy a movie. Perfect time for scary movies..lol
Maybe even romantic night in with take out with your sweetheart.

Appreciate those in your life show them maybe a friend needs lil uplifting surpise with baked treat their favorite drink.
Journal about your day, what inspired for the day with family, love ones and friends

And if you need more ideas im.here to help ok? Be love be light-n

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