)0( Affirmations for the day, nourish )0(

Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess,
Spiritual guidance for today and affirmations is ” I Nourish my life , when I discover my lessons for spiritual growth “

We are always bless with life challenges or life lessons it can be everyday. Or a couple time a week. Little challenge s that give moment to stop, think, and look within your life .see if something repeating again and or even notice something coming to mind.
Maybe something you were hoping to work in your favor. Like apply to low level job try to work up the ladder to dream job. It take time , you didnt get it the first time you asked for .

But the setback made look at your work performance and rethink what’s the lesson? Maybe your not being team worker? Maybe some of work bit sloppy? Even ask for more challenges with your job to prove to your boss you can do it. Then you try again a few mo th to year later and get the dream job. Things and universe set things in timely manner. But it’s sometimes not the time , we set.

Another lesson can be something repeats over and over. Can be being around toxic people in our life. We see the signs we need to walk away. Yet they seem like good people but they tear you down emotionally, say snarky thimgs to make you doubt yourself.
You start to wonder why world so cruel. But you have dream and angel comes to tell you this life lesson for stop doubting yourself and look beyond these people . In morning you decide after much effort to leave them , never talk to them again from those toxic people to move on.
life begins again to flows better and you meet new friends who are worthy of you ,who are kinder, and appreciate you.

Life lesson can be big or small little set back. See if it repeats. Take a moment when something challenges you, journal your thoughts or meditate and see what comes to mind.

If you have any questions im here to help.
Be love be light-n

Youd be amazed how universe, Angel’s, God ,Goddess bless us with life lesson to watch grow. We are meant to be happy and successful.

If you have any questions I’m here to help. Be love be light-n

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