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Hello its norma ,you know Forevrgoddess
To spiritual  guidance and affirmations  says I created ” I deserve a Blissful and Meaningful life for me and  my  love ones”

We each deserve a meaningful life. As I have mentioned in past some of us are very busy with daily life (working to provide for your self and love ones ,  going to college or online school, being parent of your  family or  kids, . And more.

We each need to make a time each day to do something 1) for yourself and 2) for those you share a life with. 

Spend a moment any time of day to go for walk down to local coffee shop or  make a cup of tea, hot coco  and  brew at  home. enjoy pouring into  the cup. when done sit for a moment .  what taste like  and feel the warmth  of cup. Being the moment and relax . Enjoy some sweet with it ,yes I do. Or I make raspberry muffin quick from a mix. Lol

Take as long as you have time . Be in the moment.  Be grateful to enjoy this  moment , before rushing  off to your day.

For your love one make home cook meal even if it pizza in oven after a busy day.
Sit around the table and talk. Probably best to put the phone  downs. Talk about the day. So what do you want to plan for upcoming holidays or even just for weekend.

Take moment to enjoy the family. Tell  them why you appreciate each of them .  Try to do at least 1 x a week.

Take moment to enjoy life even if for 5 minutes. 

If you have any questions im here to help.  Be love be light-n

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