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Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess,
Spiritual guidance for today and affirmations  I Created Says “I give my Self Permission to be renewed and to have new focus in life”

Some of dont give ourselves  permission to live life to fullest.  We might limit ourselves to be certain ways inlife either influenced by family, friends, even loves ones,  we have relationships  with in life.

There are times when we have made any mistake or setbacks in life with bad  love relationships,  works ,even with relationships with friends and family.

We lock ourselves to chain to prevent us from either making the same mistake  again . There are times we are afraid to move forward, or feel guilt from our past setbacks. And we need to move forward.  

Remember  life as we live here and now , we each have life lessons.

Some time we see the lesson  and learn from It and move on. Other time the lessons repeats and repeats for us to see it but sometime were clouded and cant see it even if it’s right front of you.

  Know Goddess, God, Universe,  Angels , whomever your believe in want to see yoy find success in life , not to live a life of hardship or sorrow or even lock yourself away.

Find your inner spark to break any chain that holds you back. Give yourself  permission to live a good life with those who love you and cherish yoyr life and make a change for your potential in life.

I have faith you can do it. I’m here if you have any questions. Blessings of love and light, to help you move forward. Be love be light-Norma

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