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Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess
Todays spiritual guidance and affirmations I created todays says
” I release Toxic people from my life, and embrace those who love me as I am”

Sone of us experience  people I our lives who can damage our self esteem thru words, gossip or even bad mental games
To make you feel lesser as a person. Sometimes we dont notice the comment or head games.
But if you start to doubt who you are as person or feel hopeless look to your life see if there are people who may cause these feeling of lesser self worth.
It can be a family member,  close friends, your spouse, boy friend , girl friends,  coworkers, even any in you life your around. I know It can be hard  to walk away, or block person from your life .
I know I had to walk away from people. Even my son noticed the negative pattern and told “Mom if they make you cry, they dont need to me part of our life”
That was amazing my child who ten  and has asperger’s autism, saw this. Wise words from a my child.
The first step  is to create a circle protection around you , say prayer to Goddess, God, Angel’s, Universe.  Then journal to see how you create boundaries , even consider seeing g a therapist  to help you  see the other’s  destructive pattern that effect you. And learn how to find better way to cope.

Life isnt easy we find challenges every day, and many times the challenges  is learn to protect ourselves and remind us that that what others say  should roll off our back, and not hold us down.

But when other gossip about us behind our back or worse make up stories to start problems it get worst for us.

Take moment  to calm your self no matter the emotions,  take a few deep breaths un and out.  Inhale peace and calm, exhale frustration or any dark emotion. Consider holding a crystal for healing. If you need say a prayer.

Gossip can hurt even if you heard crazy stories or rumors the more you react it can make matter worse or give pleasure  to those who wish you pain.  That your suffering.  But try to rise above it, dont be afraid  smile and laugh it off even if you dont want to . Its show them front it wont effect you.  It make them a little off balance.dont be surpise if they try to make it worse. Be strong , if you react I negative way it can make matter worse for you. And cause you setbacks.
I believe you withstand anything anyone throws at you. But its take time. Build you wall of  protection.

Create healthy boundaries, know when to “NO” when it’s enough. You were not meant to be brought into this world to suffer, arise my dear to better life find your true purpose and let go of those who wish to hold you down. When you can soar and dream ,and become the most loved person with those who appreciate you In life. Be uplift, be free, remember you are loved even by me

I’m here if you need me.
Be love be light-n

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