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Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess
Todays spiritual guidance and affirmation I created says ” I am motivated to have a healthy and Active lifestyle “

For wellness Wednesday,  let’s about being active. And take charge of your health. Right now might want to consider doing some simple thi gs to take care of you.
Having healthy life can be small thi gs that can build I to something  good inkling run.

Mental health is somethi g we each should take care esp for ourselves. We can experience various stressors,  situations in life from relationships,  family life, school or even work. We need to learn to cope with any stress in positive ways.  Because if we dont then it break down our body which in turns make us sick , physically some times.
Talking to close friend, family members,  partner in life or even visit with therapist can help. I have seen a few in my past, and now as parent with 2 autistic children I go to family therapy to help learn to work with my children in positive condition to help my children lead a happy healthy lifestyle.

Physical health. In past bbn I have mentioned little ideas how to improve your life. I know each person experiences life with challenges that may prevent leading a better life with health.

Talk to your dr and see what they can suggest to help.
Even ifjust as simple as  walking around block at home a few times, to preparing healthy recipes to enjoy with family, and getting  good  night sleep.
For me I’m proud to see many people I know in life taking charge of their health no matter what it can be. Small progress can result to big goal achieved.

Some of you may consider getting a gym membership which can help with health take some classes to enjoy like yoga, or pilates, and walking on tredmill . Consider inviting a friend to work out with you.

build way of fitness routine from there, work   to your desired goal look for personal trainer if you can afford it. Take it slow if you haven’t work out in quite some time .

I have faith you can do anything dont rush enjoy the little things in life. Smiled your loved by me,  be love be light-n

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