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Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Todays affirmations i created says ” Iam able to shift my vibration to peace and harmony , when I am stressed”

Many of us experience stress in so many forms,  some can be like high stressful job when dealing with public or working with negative or drama coworkers, online school or college : trying to up with class studies and deadlines e for papers to turn in, some challenges can be with home front,

like me taking my 2 children to school In morning , to picking up my kids from school, help  my son do his homework,  take them to their theraphy appointment 2 x week,  or 4H classes .

Its can be bit crazy and with holidays coming up for many us . Planning and trying to fit schedule to celebrate with family.

We each need to take a moment from when were are frazzled to moment do 3 deep breathe in and out. Breathe in  a moment of calm  and try to think of peaceful things calm you down.  Breathe out frustration, stress and whatever bothers you

I wear in my bra a small organza bag with a few Crystal’s in it amethyst peace and calm and crystal quartz to help give me enegry when I’m tired  or mental clarity.
Help me focus. Throught out my day.  I use the small bag so i dont lose my charged gemstones.

You easily tuck in crystal pocket or wherever you can carry and have it close . I charge in moonlight  and as well sunlight so it double charged.

Maybe consider drinking some jasmine tea to help calm yourself .check and see if you need  quick snack some when we stress we forget to eat something nutritious,  even if just  piece of string cheese or piece of fruit. Try to not be let  your stress overwhelm you .

I know this time of year many us experience stress to create the best for our families a good holiday. Dont forget to do some self care too. Ok ?
I’m here if you need me. Smile you are loved, Be love be light-n

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