10 Ways to Handle The Holidays Gathering, If you are  Gifted or Empath

Hello it’s Norma you Know Forevrgoddess, I want to share 10 ways to handle holidays gatherings either home with family, work place parties , Outside Holiday Events and beyond.

Hello it’s Norma you Know Forevrgoddess, I want to share 10 ways to handle holidays gatherings either home with family, work place parties , Outside Holiday Events and beyond.

Wow I can’t believe its 2 days before thanksgiving, our little valley is busy with holiday shoppers, getting things ready for their family thanksgiving. Even though we have my husband family in our area, we plan to do our thanksgiving on Wednesday with just our family. Some of Rob’s family,  live out of state and those that live close have other plans. It’s ok , Rob will be tired from all  the work,  he has done this work for our little city of Paris.  We create and cook a turkey and all fixing with our family, and enjoy a wholesome meal. We do our family tradition plus part of Rob work for city to turn on the Christmas light around town he has put up this year with his  co –worker. We bundle up the kids and off we go I always take photos of this little event we do every year.

 My children have asked their father and me to bring in the Christmas tote and Christmas tree a few weeks ago,  since they have seen their father Hang up lights and Christmas décor  around town.

The reason I want to write this article about how to handle the holiday gatherings when you are Empath or Gifted. Can be big deal to some of us. Esp if our gifts are fully open, or just starting to open as you learn your Spiritual gifts.

 I grew up with large mixed Hispanic and white family in California and it can be big event my mother invited many relatives and her sibling to join our thanksgiving or Christmas dinners. My mom would love large parties with our family and invite others or even some just pass thru to see other family in Surrounding area. My brother would dj music with mix of English and Spanish popular music, it would play till late into the night. Average gathering of people it would be 25+ or more people, since there are  7 sibling and each had spouse and children.

 It was quite common for my mom and my 5 sisters to throw parties for baby showers, birthdays, even holidays were celebrated. So house was often full of people.  One of the things I noticed I would overwhelm with amount of people within the house during the parties. I would pick up emotions, words, images,  even  impressions that were not my own.  Even with family you can feel the negative emotions or even slow building dislike of certain family members or relatives.

Being Empath, clairvoyant and clairaudient , I felt better hiding in my room away from others when house was packed with people.  I know I am not alone in the world  to feel or know this.

It’s hard when I was teen to sort thru my emotions, and sort with my spiritual gifts what was me and what someone else. I admit when I was younger I didn’t think to look to a book to help. Plus in late 80s to early 90s information on psychic gifts was hard to find sometime.  I have over the years have found books that have helped me understand my gifts , plus years of research and reading  thru books and articles to figure how to handle things. Here are a 10 simple ways to handle the stress and overwhelming emotions or even situations .

As I have grown older, and now a Mother  of 2 children with Autism  who are also empaths and have  other spiritual gifts. I Can learn new  ways to handle gathering of people in large groups.

  if you visiting and staying with family in their home or even within your normal house hold. It ok to feel a bit excited and nervous of family gatherings. Trust I always do. Here’s a few ideas to consider

  • Do a small tarot reading layout  or Pendulum reading before the day to see if there is any insight of any family drama that involves you or what going to take place.  Try not to think of the worst of this coming day. Just peek about some family that come who like to cause bit of stress with you or play mind games what to avoid. To know ahead is ok, I do it often when I have visiting family since all of my family lives in California and my husband Family in surrounding states . to know it better than to stress not knowing, I would rather be prepared than worried.
  • Consider doing crystal meditation with grounding gemstones. Or carry protection gemstones Even place them in pocket, tuck in small bag in your bra or wear as jewelry. I wrote a small article how to do crystal meditation , you look for article.  Grounding gemstones are Tiger eye, black tourmaline, crystal quartz, mahogany obsidian.   Psychic protection gemstone are : Amethyst, Crystal Quartz, Tiger eye, Black Obsidian, Black tourmaline , Smokey quartz

To charge them with intentions, ask God, the Universe, Goddess, Angels to create a circle of protection energy around gemstone or jewelry piece, tell them what you charge for protection from others, grounding your self, give you peace. When done gie thanks for their help.

  • Shield/ protecting yourself when you about to go into the world, being around people or certain friends. I do protection prayer esp going into our local supermarket, esp  Christmas time, with extra people, plus  spirit and energy attachment people carry around. You’d be amazed how go into store for a few things come out lost or overwhelmed.  Take a moment, to calm and center yourself. Envision a white light encircling you from top of head bottom of feet. Pray to God,  To the Universe,  Goddesses/ God : Kwan yin, Hekate, Buddha, Virgin Mary, your Personal Guardian angel, Arch angel Michael.  Ask them to create a circle of blue light to surround you to protect you from any negativity when busy with family, calm your spiritual gifts so you not overwhelmed , bring in peace , keep you grounded and feeling loving light. Also ask  for help to set a boundary for yourself to protect from others feelings .  I also do this to avoid certain people in my valley that are noisy and mean.
  • Consider taking a coloring book or note book, Do coloring meditation with markers and
  • color or draw funny  things to keep your mind focused on other things. So while you colors  with others around you ,  they  may leave you alone or even join in on coloring to bring about peace and calm within the home. I have done this past with some of my husband hyper nieces and nephew, keep kids calm during the family  gathering. Oi would break out madala color pages and box of crayon and markers and of they go.
  • Try to find the time to snack on something  and do a bit of mindfulness , healthy treat  or even dark chocolate to keep you grounded. It changes your mind focus. Slow enjoy the treat, feel the bite, see how your taste buds react to treat,  and eat it see how you feel after wards.   Grounding foods can be eating root vegetable, small , salad, nuts, fruits, even dark chocolate
  • My favorite dark chocolate is by lindt  dark chocolate with Red cayenne pepper
  •  Sip on some green tea, or Jasmine tea, drink lots of water to keep you hydrated during gathering. I love to drink  Jasmine  green tea to soothe me and keep me calm. If you can try  avoid  high sugary drinks or alcohol . these drinks  can tend to make you feel really hyper and can  mess with your spiritual gifts. Esp.  if you don’t watch how many cup you drink of alcohol you can make your gifts a bit out of whack, you might not be able to calm down or feel grounded.
  • Snuggle with up with a  pet, or love one, get some hugs and kisses to feel appreciated. hugs are always good.

” Remember to take The Time to Ground yourself , when you feel bit overwhelm or stress”

  • Go for  short walk take kids, or grandkids to park to play for half an hour , get you out the house and give you time to clear your head. If weather permits, sit on grass or on bench. Ask mother earth to help you get grounded.  see your feet or bum on grass , start to  grow root  going down into the earth and take of all negative or overwhelming energies , emotions, impressions and images from you. Let it drain from you ,  for as long as you need to. When done ask mother earth to give you grounded, peaceful energy to fill you up. don’t forget to give thanks to her for the help.
  • Set boundaries with people,  it may offend them but it’s for the best.  You’ll notice certain people might be psychic vampire ( those who can drain energy, they can imprint their negative feelings to you, when they won’t deal with their own problems.) put it out in universe to ask them to help keep certain people away esp. if your having a hard day.
  • When dealing with work parties, mall shopping, or going  to outdoor events.  carrying or wearing certain gemstone, can help with  Circle of protection. They work every time for me.

I hope your were able to find some ideas how to handle the social gatherings, when you are empath or gifted. It take bit of practice but then you can do it any time to there is no right or wrong way . feel free to  change any of this to fit your life.

 May you be blessed this holiday season .

Here are a few books I found helpful:  you can become  aware, empowered and  protected by reading and understanding your gifts and natural talents how you can use it in your day to day life.

Natural psychic by Ellen Dugan, 

•            The Awaken Psychic by Kala Ambrose,

•            Psychic protection by Ted Andrews,

•            A Survival guide for those who have psychic abilities and don’t know what to do with them by Lisa Rooney.

•            Psychic protection Rosemary Ellen  Guiley

•            Psychic protection for Beginners by Richard Webster

Within my boutique I carry a few  protection pendants  , empath protection, and cleanse box sets.

  I now offer 1 on 1 intuitive coaching session to  help those to understand , how to work with psychic abilities. I want to help  empaths and others  become empowered with their gifts.

 Do you Would like to see our Empath set and protection pendants .  Go to my contact page and clink the link to browse in Forevrgoddess Boutique.  Type in search “psychic” or ”empath” and have fun browsing.

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