)0( “Be kind to those around your world and meet in life” )0(

Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Heres something to think about.
Heres a affirmations I created say”
” Be Kind to those around your world or meet in life”

Some of experience  people in life , be it as worker I retail store ,coffee shop ,or restaurant and beyond . This time of year we can see all types of people. Esp so e of negative To the  good .

Everyone should take a moment before venturing out from their homes and do a little prayer to create a bubble of protection from the toxic people or world. Remember  we each can react to negative world  or people and create more toxic enegry  .

Or better bekind to others.

Some people experience  hard times where money can be tight,  they are trying to find the best gifts for their family, or

work to help get our items we need and purchases and are overworked.

Dont forget those who have recently or are still working thru grief of loss of love one or someone close to them. I know there are more examples , but here are a few I see as of late.

I know its hard to be nice and kind to everyone even toxic people , just try not to react or just avoid the person completely.

Consider saying a quiet prayer for them  to help them change their ways. Ask universe, Goddess, God, Angel’s even spirit guides to help the person who is negative.

Try to find the happiness , and Make a small to positive outcome this holiday season. Bring the wonder of joy and loving light to you and those within your life.

. if you need me, I’m here to help.
Smile you are loved, Be love be light-n

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