12+ Best Affirmation for valentine’s day

Hello Beautiful spirit , it’s Norma You know  Forevrgoddess . I have to share these unique Affirmation of love . Feel free to share with friends and love one to inspire them to feel the love this valentine day.

 Hello , I hope your having  good day. I wanted to present these unique, one of kind affirmation I created to celebrate love, friends, family, and soul-tribe you share daily life with.

Even though yesterday was Valentine’s day . I still wanted to share a few Affirmations  I created,  to help feel the love within your life. And maybe share with others. We each deserve it, as well as others you may wish share it.

 I wanted to share something I found from Rob Alex, he wrote a short  video class  online I found about  “ wake up positive” he talked about different methods to be inspires to wake up in positive mood to set the day from usual day to day morning routine. He pointed out, sleep early, breakfast, exercise,   giving yourself loving comments to yourself in mirror.

One of ideas I like was , sharing positive things in life with others,  you share your world with on daily Basis . as you may have noticed these past few month I’ve have been inspired to create unique one of kind Affirmation to inspire you find the light within.

Every morning before or after my morning workout , I have a  group of 13+ women who have been close friends, clients and family  . I text them up to 5 days a week,  to see how their day is going. The  Ideas I got from Rob Alex class,  I decide to share my affirmation I share for blog post with my friends. Many love the affirmation , some say they needed  it to inspire them that day. Some enjoy and love to see more. I’m grateful for their support some day I got a lot to do but it good hear from them many as across the Usa. So it feels like a coffee talk with friends even if it’s just thru a text.

 I usually post these affirmation with small paragraph or two here within my  blog  ,  my  Instagram Forevrgodessboutique  , or my Facebook page for my FG Forevrgoddess  Psychic readings

 I love share insight to help others,  find the light within their  day.  It feel good to share a little bit of happiness with others.

“We each deserve, to be inspired to have a more positive lifestyle . and sharing with those in ,you are  giving  them uplift on hard days  esp. when need it and it will uplift your positive vibration within. “

 Here’s photo of my affirmations. Some are about self love, loving others, friendship/ sisterhood, loving empowerment.

 Feel free to  save a photo . you can set them as cell phone or laptop  home screen, write the words on calendar post to pop on your phone for a few days or 1 x week at certain times of the day you may need to see it.

Bringing a little of positive energy can inspire you find a happy step in life.

So bring something inspiring to your day, I know you can do it, it’s not silly . It will remind you, that you are worthy of so much, and you have the potential this special day.

May this month of February remind you of the love you have within, remember to shine bright.

 Blessings of love and light

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