Inner Goddess of Love Session

Inner Goddess of Love ,  intuitive reading and Goddess  empowerment sessions

As women as  begin our life as child a grow in teens  as our cycle of life begin and we continue to grow in womanhood.  We are each a Divine woman, I also like to call us women,  Goddesses within our own right.
With this Intuitive reading , it is Goddess empowerment , learning the Feminine  enegry we carry within ,  learn new forms of love ,  how to share our love with the world and those within our lives , that  in turn makes us a Goddess Love.

Let’s souls connect with  unique tarot reading combine  with personal enlightenment session to learn the keys of your Goddess empowerment. 
Included with session is 1  Free Goddess pendant with Goddess charm . The gemstones are selected to help your specific need . Workbook, about ideas and tips to be an inner goddess, 3 gemstone and our custom blend smudge, abalone shell, all of these items  to help gain strength as a goddess.

Plus Insightful information will be add as part of your reading notes.
( Affirmations,  connect with your Goddess ritual, goddes ideas,  and more ) to remind you of your own feminine divinity .

Goddess pendants Will be mailed to you ,  box set and work book 
We have 1 new inner goddess sessions  coming in march :goddess of spring

Goddess pendants gemstone will vary ,to fit your specific needs and 1 goddess charm your choice .

Asking for donation of $16.00 +a small shippingfee
Appointment available PM me if interested.  Be love be light-n

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