)0( Inner child )0(

Hello beautiful spirit..its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Heres something to think about.
Heres a affirmations I created says
“Find your inner child and the world with eyes of wonder once more”

Sometime in life we are so busy, we forget slow down. As some say ” stop and smell the roses”. Take time to explore your world go to.place of nature. For 20 mins to do this activity, you go to nature park or take drive in country or visit a forest .
Let’s explore nature as young child

If you can go the grass take off your shoes and feel grass between your toes feel the dirt beneath that and how you can feel grounded and relaxed. Then walk around look for flowers ,examine color and petal s of the flower . Look at the details of flowers Petals.

Listen to animals if hear sounds. Do you hear birds? Do you see and squirrels? What kind birds do you see?

Walk up to a tree , look at the branches of the tree have buds for flowers and leaves?

Now take your hand place on the tree , touch the bark . Close your eyes and try to feel the tree’s heart beat. See if you can connect with your heart. Take deep breaths in and slowly release out . Do at least 3 x of both. And relax. See how you feel connected. How do you feel?

Open your eyes ,how did you like exploring your world even for just for 20 mins?

How did you feel.connected?
I thought to share a moment in time , be in touch with our inner child . Try to do it often to do different things . Explore the beach, the lake . Where ever your heart desire.

I’m here if you need me .
Be inspired, Be uplifted, Be love, Be Light-n

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