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Unique experience from beyond the grave
Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess
I wanted to share a unique and recent experience  with a spirit of my mother
My mother died in may 2009 in Pasadena California.  She had some complications from sugery.  Being intuitive with  various spiritual gifts , I am able to sense a feel things within my life.  Back in march of this year. I was going thru some struggles with school with my daughter  trinity who has  austism . Me and husband were trying to understand what the school was discussing with us about trinity academic  needs .  While waiting for Information to be prepared for this meeting with the school. I had my own motherly worries. Already having to deal with the school before with my son gabe whos also has austism.  Weve had our reserves,  problems from the  had  the past.

A few days before the meeting I was restless unable to sleep , I didnt want to bother my husband with my anxious worries
Even though I knew all would come out fine with my reading I did on the subject.  I still worried. Lol  as I lay in bed  after saying night time prayers . I felt some one in the room.  I felt shadow near by , I could see the room dimly  light glow from room heater . My pets doze off,  my child sleeping beside me was asleep everyone else was asleep. I felt some one rush up to me from my bedroom door in  the hall way. I felt arms wrap around me with  a loving feeling. Warm and fuzzy enegry buzzed around me. I knew it was my mom .  She was known to have late night worrying about family or relatives, stay up praying  But other times she was reading book on healing with herbs or romance novels. Lol

I felt comforted by her loving embrace all would be ok. I told her “thanks mama , you know I needed that hug, goodnight”
I rolled over and went to sleep.  Things did work out in our favor as the reading stated and trinity will be in best care  in our school .

I’m grateful my mother comes to visit  she hanged around here since valentines day this year.  My son gabe has hear a woman voice in our home .I  felt it was in my mom talking to him   I have more experiences with spirits within our home I will share another time.
Be love be light -n

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