Witches Night Out Spring Edition

Intro, : Come learn some  ideas how to celebrate your Witches night out, As of spring equinox a few weeks ago. It’s the perfect time to invite a little bit of magick with spring, Before summer begins . Let’s explore some ideas  I wish to share with  you to have the best magickal moments  with witchy friends this Spring season.  

Hello ,it’s Norma  you know, Forevrgoddess. I wanted to share some ideas how to celebrate Witches night out, yes I know it’s not October. But you can still feel witchy with unique ideas how to celebrate with your wiccan, witchy, even pagan friends.  So come sit for spell or two as I tell you about some of my ideas you can do during  Spring afternoon or evenings  this season.

This post will be part of seasonal  witch- wiccan inspired ideas. I want to present to you , we have summer and autumn  edition already written,  come explore them  for more witches fun night events. So let’s begin shall we? Lol

Now many of hear witches night out in October  think of witches ,groups girlfriends dress as witches and enjoy an evening out. I was part of witches night out , here in Montpelier, Idaho. Group of ladies, though only knew one friends , invited me to the dinner. It was fun at one our local restaurant . A rather large  group of women dressed as witches.  sat and enjoyed each other company with meal . They cackled, giggle with joy , and had a blast. It was such a fun time. I hope one day to go again.

 I know some of your thinking….”But it’s Spring  time Norma? How can I celebrate witches night out?”

Witches night are usually with group of women, now my husband who’s wiccan says “ Men are witches too”, he said,  some say” warlock”  . With way the world has been turning over last few years. I believe anyone  on magickal path can be welcomed.

Ostara celebration: Plan a potluck with everyone favorite foods and celebrate the season, of spring with Goddess Eostre do Ostara egg hunt , fill the plastic eggs with gemstone or candies or something cute and handmade, something for everyone to have fun, do spring time crafts and enjoy the day.

Group Meditation with Goddess Eostre :

Do a Group  meditation, have someone in your record the a meditation, with goddess Eostre and  listen as a group. Journal together this session, see what insight you each learn maybe it can help another in group. ostara coloring pages afterward of snack and recharge.

Moonlight party:

Celebrate with witchy friend a Full moon party. Included moon shaped cakes or cookies, and warm teas or hot coco esp. if evening are bit cold. Do small blessing ritual under the moonlight. Even do divination  reading for this month . we carry full moon gathering kits within my  Forevrgoddess boutique.

Goddess / Faery  High tea party

Enjoy each other company with High Tea party, Invite and Honor  the Goddesses within your life to tea party or make it  magickal and everyone dress as colorful faeries. Be festive for spring. Look for some loose leaf tea { my 2 favorite loose leaf teas are  Marie Antoinette – Nina’s Paris – hint of roses and apples black tea. Paris tea by Harney and sons both are found on Amazon} enjoy the party with finger sandwiches, baked sweet treats , at my last party a few year back I made Rose flavored brownies and lemon lavender pound cake.   Decorate table with spring themed ideas. Color eggs, bird nest fresh spring flowers. And bonus with loose leaves in pot of tea do a little tea leaf reading with each witch’s cup to see what her future will be for rest of week or year.

Gypsy fortune telling party

I know not so “witchy” but every witch worth her salt will love to exchange readings , practice and try new form of divinations; consider  making worksheet and study time to fun to explore and try new divinations. Consider doing ; Palm reading, Face reading, Psychometry, Crystal scrying, Tarot cards, oracle cards, Fire scrying. Old traditions customs and legends : its  common to love and abundance  reading and to scry for one future for rest of coming months with summer almost here.

Witches night out : storm watching

Were blessed in southeastern Idaho, we get the thunder storm from bear lake that comes from Utah or over the mountains from Utah. And yes they get big storm.  Gather with group  and watch the storm in area. But be safe with tropical storms or tornado please. 

Gather thunderstorm water to use in spells and rituals

•             Charge crystal gemstones and crystals in glass bowl let it sit in rain.

•             Do  some rain magick as group.

•             Have potluck dinner: share some favorite spring or summer  time comfort foods

•             Create fun drinks for night storm

•             Make some rice krispies treat with moon, and stars sprinkles, I know my kids love it when I do .

•             Dance in the rain, my son when he was little we had porch cover we went out side and chant to storm to let thunder rumble and it did. Gabe was so happy, then we went inside ..lol

“This time of Year for Spring , it’s remember of those within your life you cherish. tell those in your life how much you Appreciate their love and support this past year. And give thanks to Universe to be able to share moment together.  Celebrate this season. You can find Magick in everything in life not just Spring or Ostara”

Here are More Ideas to celebrate Spring

Here are more ideas to be crafty witch with group of friends, things to do as group. Invite the kids to join in.

Create sun catcher, to share or gift each other with for coming of summer solstice. Buy prism beads on amazon, eBay or hobby lobby.

•             Make wind chimes : look for small pipe metal fitting to create unique piece, find someone who can use handy with  tools. Rob made me one with selenite and metal and fossilized wood. But note rob treated the gemstone and wood with marine varnish. It’s strong stuff hold longer

•             Build and paint faery or birds  house with friends

  • Make hand made card with little spell tucked inside
  • Do  Goddess Eostre rituals

•             Paint flower pot with witchy theme and plant magickal herbs

•             Create and do spell bottle for house blessings  for coming summer  and fall

  • Do ribbon magick and tie colorful   wish ribbons to tree with little bell to dance activate the spell

•             Create sister or friendship talismans

•             Do some faery magick

  • Exchange spring/ mayday  baskets with each other add fun spring theme gifts and jewelry all handmade.

•             Do abundance and prosperity rituals,

•             Do divination for each other as group

•             Play psychic games to inspire and expand you psychic awareness  : use deck of card or uno cards with color to tune in and see what the other person is holding and count each correct a point , see who can get the most points, wins a prize

Forevrgoddess boutique : carries unique Moon magick gathering kits, and more for full super moon magick

In Closing: well I hope was able to give you a few ideas to share with close friends and plan something wonderful for your spring witches night out. If you need anything I’m here to help. Be inspired, Be Uplifted, Be inspired, Be Love- N

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