10+ Signs  Your  experiencing , an awakening of  Goddess energy

Intro , Hello Beautiful Spirit,  Come explore with me ,  and learn about the 10+ signs your experiencing an awakening of goddess energy . and how you can resonate with  it.

Hello Beautiful Spirit,  Come explore with me , and learn about the 10+ signs, your experiencing an awakening of goddess energy . and how you can resonate with it. Many of Us Experience Goddess energy,  when we are in touch within feminine energy within. It’s easy for us who are women , to experience this as we go thru our lives. Don’t think I Do not see men being touch with femininity, I know there many who are too. But their signs maybe bit different, but still can have some similarities.

Some of this information is excerpt from my Inner Goddess Of Love workbook and personal enlightenment mentoring session. I will present more information at the end of the article.

The universe is always growing and expanding , as we notice and explore the stars above in the heaven . we are like the universe always evolving. 

We each deserve to be reminded we are unique Divine beings of light, by understanding who you are as Divine being of light , you can share your light with others to give them the strength within,  to glow and shine bright like the stars in heaven above. 

We are special and unique and no two alike, Smile you’re a beautiful Goddess.

This my wish to give to you  is . Look in  mirror to see your reflection, you are beautiful, you have a beautiful body, like mine,  we are  like the Goddess , loving shape of soft curves , soft  hair, bright shining eyes and beautiful smile.  We blessed women, we are all sisters within this world. Embrace those that uplift and remind you are loved every day. I will present some of my favorite divine woman affirmations, enjoy and use them.

There are 3 Goddess aspects I feel help us understand our role as women and Goddesses.

Goddess: Maiden, Mother ,Crone

 We are Goddesses, since the moment of your first  breath  coming out of  your mother womb. You were special, you were loved  and cherished .  We grow into a child,  then become  young girl blood cycles will  begin, we follow the moon cycles in life. 

 Maiden : we become closer to the Goddess, as we continue to grow into teen to 20s ,unmarried woman. . we are considered the Maiden in triple goddess cycle. When we’re the Maiden , We’re :  full of promise, kind, sweet, native, gentle, full of passion and curiosity,  independent , innocence, loving,  shy and  we can become stronger ,more confident to see the world around us.  Then as we begin to explore love within the world .  we may fall in love with our 1 soulmate. Or  we can have various connection with others ,no matter the preference in life.

  Mother : Some us women continue  the cycle of life  and become pregnant , carrying a child within our womb. And child hugging our skirted legs. But do not think it applies to all women, some become mothers by taking care and nurturing those within their  life. Some friends  may  have children,  we adopt them  or Pets , fur babies. Being mother is defined by being loving, stern, yet gentle,  nurturer, creative,  gracious. she nourish those within her life,   she is willing to give unconditional l love to all those within her life or world she lives in.

 Crone :   As some women become older or our bodies change we begin to lose blood cycle. We become the respected , wise crone, she has knowledge of other aspect {Maiden, Mother} . we  are the Healer, Story teller. We Share  our knowledge and insight to younger generations, and teach other women in life about strength we carry within. We also know the true mysteries of Spirit and death. And she unafraid of it, she has faith within.

As we see each aspect of Goddess{ Maiden, Mother, Crone} we see every version of love

 The Maiden self -love, attention she gives to clothes, beauty, shape of her body, loving grace, innocence, self- care.

The Mother Nurture, nourish those within her life . She gives Unconditional love, motherly love that transforms and continues to grow everyday

The Crone Wisdom of loving Goddess, all the knowledge,  and offers loving wisdom ,to all those  willing to listen.

These are 3 aspect of Love Goddess

Now let’s explore to signs of Awakening Goddess energy. Now this list not end all of things happening in your life. I will present more another time . But remember we each experience in different ways, from other women in life. Though there can be some similarities. Research what your feeling, explore and join on the journey to find your Goddess empowerment. You have the strength within, be inspired to break from the  normal mind set limits and go beyond.

Signs of  Awakening Goddess energy within you..

  • Emotional Shifts, sleep patterns changing
  •  Need for Physical change to healthier  life style,
  •  break out from normal mind sets,
  •  intuition developing stronger,  or  new intuitive gifts awakening. 
  • find things that resonate with you, learning interest in crystal healing,
  •    your awareness within the world,  shifting from material to spiritual perceptive, 
  •   taking time  for self -reflection, seeking the truth within life,
  •  wanting to change your physical aspects: hair style, hair color, losing weight, eat vegetables, fruit, wholesome foods. 
  • exploring your spirituality, Finding you purpose in life, being aware what connect you to universe, 
  • creating life choices to vibrate with positive mind , body and soul,
  • seeing signs and symbols, Angel Numbers, synchronies’,
  •  being  aware and connecting  with spiritual beings , Spirit guides, Nature spirits , or Goddesses, 
  •    changes dynamic s  in relationships in life{ love, friendships, family, work , school }

One of the Best way I’ve dealt with Awakening of Goddess energy. Is to take a moment in world and pause and reflect eat something, drink some water . sit down 5- 10mins  meditate even if eating you lunch or even have tea with morning toast.  Look  for signs,  accept  what going on and send a pray to Universe or Goddess to help slow everything down. Ask them to give you time as you go thru these experiences sometime they won’t be easy at times maybe bit chaotic, or can be scary. But it’s ok we shifting our vibration in this life to some higher and Awakening to new phase in life.

Consider Journaling your thoughts…

Consider on this journey to take a journal. Pick whatever please you{ small to fit in pocket or purse, big , any color or design, it’s your choice}  It’s too help you Tune into this moment, sort out your thoughts, be more patient and connect with your higher self and do a introspect. Journaling can be powerful, it  where you can see what’s the current motivation or thoughts,  is there a need to change anything?  Is there any steps needed to create a new motivation or focus?

Attracting your thoughts from your higher self are good. It guides us with our current motivation what going in life at moment. When we have  aligned our self with purpose , it helps us see when we get side tracked. And it also shows us how to correct our thoughts and refocus  on our goals. We write our experiences showing our journey within.  Try to journal  1x time of day, or  every other day , at least plan to write in your journal 1x week.  Remember ground and center, calm the mind. As you  take breath of air in/ out , become heart centered. Feel your heart beat, feel your mind connect  with your higher self.

Tune into the moment, ask any questions that come into mind. Write your thoughts as you write about your day experiences. It is better  to understand who you are becoming  and what desire you wish to manifest in life now.

In Closing:  So I hope these ideas will shed some light with you in finding you goddess energy, remember you are divine being of light. And so precious to the world no matter what. You loved by me and Goddesses above. Be love be light- N

Here’s our other Inner Goddess session that came out a on Ostara

Here A free Inner Goddess Worksheet Enjoy !

Share your experiences with me , I’d love to hear about it.

I’m here if you have any questions,

Be inspired, Be Uplifted, Be love, Be Light- Norma

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