)0( Mini Goddess Glow Tips

Hello beautiful spirit.  It’s me  norma you know Forevrgoddess.  I wanted to share something new I wanted to present to you
  some of my Goddess glow tips. These Goddess glow tips come from Inner Goddess session workbook and box set.

  These Goddess glow tips are  for us women who need express themselves as Goddesses. We are each unique and are Goddess within our own rights. But we share the Goddess with her loving shape, in various shapes and sizes. Each so beautiful and divine.

I want to share ideas to maybe have someone who needs a pick me up , something remind ourselves we deserve to be loved and cherish even if only to do with  self love. 

I feel many of us need to bring positive enegry within our lives, invite new ideas and be aware of our lives we live. And how to bring a better balance in life with fast paced world we live. Some of these ideas are simple , and easy to do .

It’s small changes , nothing  big or difficult . Simple babybsteps to new habit or simple way how to react with world .this  Can help many of us, there is so much I feel we always busy, moving, always on the go. We need maybe 5-10minutes a day to stop and remind ourselves.

We matter in life, were perfect with all our flaws, we are loved,  and deserve so much.

1 thought can change your day. Let it be something good , something that makes you smile, something that bring joy to your world and last a few day or more. 
You can only do it , I can guide but you can only decide what best for you.

I will soon begin to present Mini goddess glow tips, I will share various things each week . We will start with one soon. I hope you will join the journey.

If you wish to know more about our inner goddess session PM and we soulconnect and start your journey today

Remember to be inspired, be uplifted, be love , be light-n

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