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Hello Beautiful spirit it’s Norma you know Forevrgoddess, I wanted to share Goddess glow tips #2 are ideas and tips for us, Goddesses ,who want more in life. To find inspiration and be empowered daily, These ideas are for Positive Vibration, conscious living , an awakening of the spirit , and aligning yourself to higher purpose in life.

Today I wanted to share my 2nd  Goddess glow tips, I am excited to join with you on your journey,

The sun  in the heavens above may have aligned for you today, It’s time for you to explore this unique experience to Find you Inner Goddess. We each deserve to be reminded, we are unique Divine beings of light, by understanding who you are as Divine being of light ,you can share your light with others to give them the strength within, to glow and shine bright like the Sun in heaven above.

Sometime we see and learn from Women in Our Family line who are Strong . Or we look up to others in history, of Women who were fierce in life, had Confidence, Grace, Beauty, and were Empowered.

This my wish to give to you is To Look into a mirror to see your own reflection,

You are beautiful, you have a beautiful body, like mine, we are like the Goddess , loving shape of soft curves , soft hair, bright shining eyes and beautiful smile. We are the blessed women, we are all sisters within this world. Embrace those that uplift and remind you are loved every day.

Let’s talk about appreciating yourself as well of others within your life. Many of us , as I mentioned before live in fast paced lifestyle, always on the go from dealing with family, school work even doing what you enjoy in life. We need to take 5- 10 minute to stop and take a moment of pause. Reflect how to begin your day, what for the first few minutes as you enjoy a bit of tea or coffee, to think about blessings your day.

As you prepare to get ready for your  day, washing your face or putting make up on .  think of this affirmation to remind you to be inspire  today As you look at yourself in mirror today say this affirmation  to encourage you to have the best day. and repeat 5x , each time feeling a connect with your inner Goddess.as you repeat this  one feel connected as divine being of light.  Smile as you say these words.

Try to say to say this affirmation “ I open Myself for Inspiration to live a passionate life”

Pause for moment take time to find peace within, be still for moment. Think of this affirmation and how it resonates with you.  Take a 3 deep breathes in positive loving light and slowly release out, the anything that bothers you . Be present in moment of your life. What are you grateful for? What will do today to live passionately?  What will inspire you today?

Repeat this affirmations for the day  3 x throughout the day, or 3 x at bedtime.

Put notes around the house ,your office, your car , phone. laptop, to remind yourself . set it to your calendar on your phone, to pop up at times during the week to remind you of your power you carry on your daily  life. Maybe to inspire strength.

  • Meditate even for 10minutes a day and build up to 30minutes a day use music to help , I use insight timer app, free on google play. You can get bonus if you in purchase with app. But I like the free access to music or guided meditations for 3 minutes to 2hours , they night time  meditation or music to soothe you night to sleep. I do it all the time with my family.
  • Meditate with gemstone and crystals to help soothe, heal your mind, body, and soul .Meditating with gemstone can release stress and help you focus on deep healing: or moody or anxious mind you can use Amazonite , amethyst. For self love and comfort Rose quartz or Strawberry quartz. Release toxic or negative energy use : Black obsidian, black tourmaline or Smokey quartz. Invite Inner strength: tiger eye ,red jasper needing angelic comfort : selenite, angelate, or celestite.
  • Wake up early and enjoy a cup of tea ,and meditate with sunlight I love to warm up with a cup of coffee or tea with sitting in the sunlight to cuddle with book or snuggle my kitty who dozes in warmth of sun, enjoy the simple things
  • Take care of yourself, Be loving, be kind, admire who you are. We each go on journey that transforms our lives, we learn lessons and keeping moving forward , we continue to evolve, encourage yourself to feel excited as you greet each day to new day of learning. Be gentle and compassionate to yourself if they are bad day.  Celebrate the good things in life and appreciate people and life events. But most of all love your self .

Closing:  I’m here if you have any questions, well here are just a few  Goddess glow tips to remember, maybe something to inspire from to give you hope and light. I will share more insight another day.  Some of these ideas come from my Inner Goddess sessions of Love

 Were excited soon to present , our new release of Inner Goddess of Autumn workbook and box set. Look to link below to learn more information and to book your private Inner Goddess Session with me.

Share your experiences with me , I’d love to hear about it.

Remember to be inspired, Be uplifted, Be love,  be light-Norma

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