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Hello beautiful Spirit  , its Norma you  know Forevrgoddess. Let’s talk about 5 ways to raise your vibration in your home for autumn. With leaves changing here in Paris Idaho ,it’s perfect time after all the summer has ended and hush of September has faded to consider to invite positive energy for Autumn months.

Hello beautiful Spirit  , its Norma you  know Forevrgoddess. Let’s talk about 5+  ways to raise your vibration in your home for autumn

 By the time the first leave of autumn started to change colors, in September the rush of last people of summer pass thru for the last day of warmth. But now as September has end and October is growing strong the temperatures are dropping each night that cause frost chilly mornings. We begin to feel the changes. Though we’ve had snow in past years early but not these last few years.

Many of us, have busy lives with family, work, online school or fall college semesters  , spending  time with our loves ones, friends, partner or spouse . There is so much to do in autumn season from shopping for Halloween décor, Halloween costumes, even go corn mazes. Trust me there is list of things to do, look to my article 6 + Goddess inspired things to do this Autumn https://forevrgoddessboutique.com/2022/09/19/0-6-goddess-inspired-ways-to-celebrate-autumn/#more-2100

But as this month moves forward, and days slowly moves closer to November. Now Time to cleanse the home of stagnant energy and to invite peace and harmony. For continue of autumn season.

Here’s a small list of ideas to consider.

  • Smudge the home with smudging herbs: Our favorite is White sage with Lavender or Palo Santo with Lavender.  Open all windows and door if weather permits. Don’t forget to smudge yourself, put the intention into your home of “Peace and Calm” so all who dwell there are at  peace and all is good. To protect and cleanse the home and to invite peace calming energy.  Esp. if there have been any illness, fighting, and  disagreements .  I do ritual smudging often esp. if kids get wild or just feel yucky in home and need fresh energy. I have the Kids rings the bells in every room to banish negative energy invite positive energy within. Use smudging spray with essential oils if you can do smoke, incense works too.
  • Creating a crystal grid in main room of the house use gemstone so rose quartz{ love, harmony , comfort, compassion.} Amethyst { inner peace, release tension in the home, and protection} black tourmaline  { remove toxic and negative energy} selenite { to invite positive energy and angelic blessings} tiger eye { protection of ill wishes, grounding, good luck , bring inner confidence} Citrine {  Creativity,  Happiness, cheerful, prosperity, warmth, joy}
  • Take some to find Halloween or Autumn décor  you can paint that will add accent your home. Paint with festive colors, look to hobby lobby for ideas. If you find one already paint . then do with item you painted or not . Mark on the bottom or back with Protection and blessings symbols or sigil to bring home best the season can offer. Plus if you create a spell or prayer keep note of it so you can do it every year if you put away or once a month if you keep it out.  I will present an article about it here soon.
  • My favorite Carve a pumpkin with family don’t forget to put protection charms or carve sigil  to bless the home with positive energy, bring blessings of abundance, joy and love this Samhain/ Halloween
  • Use the prayer of St Michael the Archangel to cleanse and raise vibration in the home. This prayer is good when you feel the house  feel yucky , you  feel negative toxic energy, even feel or see shadow figures or spirit . this prayer can help I tell many of clients to consider to use it. It can help. You can buy the St. Michael candle online or look at your local store. I will include the prayer at the bottom of the article.
  • Cleanse the home items: Wash  couch pillows, all  bedding, pillow cases, blankets, etc.  and add a few drops of cedar or clary sage essential oil  in washer.
  • Bake cookies , yes by baking cookies it creates warmth in the home and loving feeling. It brings harmony into your home.   My favorite is to make chocolate chips cookies

For now I will close this article These are just some ideas I wish to share with you, may you find peace and joy this holiday season. I will bring more ideas this coming winter.  We  will soon present  Our New Mentoring session Raise your vibration and Manifest the Harmony in Life”, with workbook and box set

Be inspired, Be Uplifted, Be love, Be Light- Norma

 Prayer St. Michael the Arch Angel prayer

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle,

 Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil;

May god rebuke him, we humbly pray;

 And do thou, o prince of the heavenly host,

 By the power of God, cast into hell, Satan and all the evil spirits

 Who prowl through the world seeking the ruin of souls


Share your experiences with me , I’d love to hear about it.

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