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Hello  its norma you know Forevrgoddess.
I’ve  combined 2days Into a little topic.
Anxiety and  mental shut downs, it happens to all of us.  Sometimes some of us  trying to handle their day to day life with struggle.

They are not alone, I suffer from anxiety issues to, I would not  be surpise more people have it too.
Our lives now day can be stress ful from trying to best job each day with world drama get involved with it, dealing   with people you meet at work, life in general,  social media post that stress us out, school work, friends even family. We can get overwhelm.
So me of us feel lost and unsure how to “snap out” of it as some people says we should. We cant turn off, the worries

. I grew with my mom always worrying  about people back home to our family and relatives. There can be a few ways to hand it. Talking to friend who is grounded and calm can help,  talking to our partner or spouse, talking to family who is also the same and can uplift and offer support.
Or even better seeing therpaist  theses people it’s their role to help us over cone our fears, insecurities and assure us all will be well.

But sometimes even if we get the support we just shut down try to avoid telling other s even feeling alone in life. We may notice people around d us have moved on with life finding love , better friendships s ,even just moving away. Make us feel alone.
Or were up really late at night worrying  the world is going to come to end, got alot to proceed from the dayb, active mind that wont shut off. and you cant sleep
Here are a couple ideas that can help I do alot of these things

  • write down all your worry on paper,
    If so eating is bothering g write it out on paper,  your thoughts, problems, just spill it all on paper. Make mental to look at it in morning
  • if you have alot of things to do and cant figure what to write a “To do list”, write down what you need to . Then make a a few smaller list what to accomplish for next day, even if its 1 topic. Same before thing about in morning  shut off mind and go to sleep.
    *say evening  prayer to your Goddess,God, Jesus, Angel’s, universe. To help calm your worries and mind and help give better solutions you can work toward with their inspiration. But also ask them to send      Information in morning not bed time. I’ve done this  and get write everything given to me several time s at night over a problems I had.

*consider learning about EFT tapping  techniques . I was taught by a friend it does help . And calms a worried mind.

*talk to yourself with positive affirmations.  “I can handle this”  “I need to calm myself” “this only temporary ” “I need to be kind to myself”

*Remind yourself worrying   will get you no where .Dont let your mind start the snowball effect. If let snowball roll down a hill its get bigger and bigger.  Dont let do that.

*calming lavender bathroom product  soak  in bath tub with essential oil lavender.
“Love beauty  and planet” have  wonderful scented lavender shampoo and conditioner , it help me relax after a stressful day.

*snuggle up with pet, your child or love one who can give hugs Dont forget to hug back.

*do yoga and breathing exercises to calm yourself .

  • listen soothing music,with nature sounds
    *journaling your emotions and thought to  reflect later is good practice.

*what 3 thing are you grateful for today??

Try to remind yourself this will pass, worrying only robs you of sleep and stresses your body. Hopefully these ideas
will help to calm your anxiety  and help calm the soul. I’m here if you need me hugs-n

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