)0( What 3 things are your grateful for? Share with us today!

Hello beautiful spirit, it’s Norma you know forevrgoddess   , I hope you’re having a good day?

So what are you grateful for? List 3 things, it can be about your life, work, hobbies, family, love ones, even friends.

Sometime in world we don’t get appreciated, for so many reasons, being hard worker at your job , mother who nurture their family , being a good friend to others and even giving to those who need us the most.

 Sometimes we forget to tell others why we appreciate them so much. Show appreciation make something for someone else, drop a cup of their favorite drink while they are at work, have a dinner party and celebrate being together for holiday season. Make handmade cards and share with those you love. Take a moment to write in journal and list 3 thing every day, so when you moody or sad look and read the list what are you happy for.

 I lost my mom many years ago to honor her , I share what I have with others less fortunate, she taught how to  help those in need , esp those I love and others, this taught me  how I’m grateful to be the mom to 2 great wild loving children and wonderful, romantic husband.

Here a 4th for being thankful, I’m glad for support of husband, my children, followers on my page and groups  on Facebook, close friends and clients from over the years of support, and kind words , as I find my destiny as light worker. I love to  Sharing these posts  and  soul connect with others gives me meaning . It’s rewarding to know I can help and inspire; someone find their inner light and grow from there.  What inspires you to be grateful for?? Share with me

If anyone needs help finding g their inner light or need uplift experience, look to my article I write to find the inspiration or my FG Mindful living newsletter

let me know, I can share the links. Be Love, Be Light- N

So what are your 3 things your grateful for? Let’s soul connect and share with us.

Be love be light-n

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