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FGB Witchy inspired  yuletide gift guide 

Hello Its me Norma  you know  Forevrgoddess .  I wrote a new article for gift giving guide for any special witchy , goddess loving or spiritual person  in your life. These gift ideas can be giving anytime of year.  Were excited to present this article enjoy hugs

Hello, come learn a few ideas that can inspire your love ones  or any special holiday or loving moments for yourself , friend or  a special witchy or spiritual person  in your life.

Every year when winter solstice or Yule comes around you may have seen if not earlier the beginning of every year  are out. Like me I buy things early so I’m not caught off guard and left with nothing to my special wiccan husband rob and my kids, wonders what to find me for gift. Sometimes he need ideas what to give his sweet sweet Goddess , he calls Me. Lol. Here some ideas. This list can be used for winter  birthdays, surprise gifts, romantic loving moment for gift giving ,  for and new spiritual , witchy or  goddess loving friends  in your life . don’t think this list is all to be, you expand and explore what you think your love one will like.

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So let’s get to the list , this came be used anytime of the year, birthdays, anniversaries,  even to celebrate any wiccan sabbats, full moon esbats and more . I feel this list can fit any spiritual, goddess loving  or witchy  new or seasoned,  and maybe a few male witches will approve too. .lol

  • New journal
  • New winter hats and gloves
  • Make a homemade holiday ornament for yule tree
  • Make hand ornament from air dry clay and use rubber stamp to imprint them .
  • Color pens , pencils, or markers even metallic ones
  • Hot coco cup set with homemade hot coco
  • Make unique winter themed gift basket with candles, small blanket , journal .
  • Tea cup set  with favored tea, my favorite tea is Marie Antoinette by Nina in Paris you can find on amazon
  • Heart gemstones
  • Have custom candle created for your love one. My friend Nikki , has beautiful winter candles and more { link is below}
  • New oracle deck I love all oracle cards  by lucy cavendish or goddess inspired by others
  • New tarot deck my favorite deck is  tarot de la nuit  by carol anne eschenazi
  • Vintage tarot deck
  • Vintage psychic or witchy  posters, art or paintings
  • New pendulums
  • Create and download  mp3 music playlist for them
  • yule inspired or New age  music  : fauna ,   Diane or David  Arkenstone, Blue stone, Sleep thief, these are my favorite
  • Buy their favorite flowers
  • Buy a crystal bible by Judy hall that has all gemstone and crystal meanings
  • Witchy or faery, dragon coloring book
  • Witchy color pages printed off from your  home printer found on Pinterest
  • Bath salts – my friend Rachelle make some wonderful scents {below is her email}
  • Jewelry- we carry various wonderful gifts within my Forevrgoddess boutique
  • Spa treatments facial, bath bubbles pamper your favorite witch
  • Hand made winter solstice / yule card
  • Make bookmarks for your favorite readers
  • Moon or Snow flake  themed accessories for them to wear or for home  for yule
  • Witchy inspired home décor for Yule  { I find stuff on ebay cheaper than most places}
  • Look for snowflake or winter  themed coffee or wine {I’ve seen some online}
  • Smudge sets white sage, cedar, abalone shell and feather
  • Gemstones kits  for love, prosperity, protection, healing, abundance, soothing energy
  • make jewelry for them, earrings, bracelets, etc.
  • Skincare  products, I love and use Andalou naturals for years, gentle on skin and youth appearance it gives, look on Walmart or amazon.

Rachelle Hutchings  for her bath bombs : goddessofwildlife@gmail.com

Nikki Griffith for her  custom products


Closing: these are only a few ideas to inspire from I wish you the best this holiday season

We carry various items for  winter  Solstice / Yuletide gifts  within my boutique ,

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Share your experiences with me , I’d love to hear about it.

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Be inspired, Be Uplifted, Be love, Be Light- Norma

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