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Hello beautiful spirit here are 6 key point to remember when setting intention this new year

Happy New year I know it was a few days ago but I wanted to share something unique and maybe a bit magickal to kick off the new year. So grab a cup of tea and let’s begin .

Hello beautiful spirit here are 6 key point to remember when setting intention this new year

Happy New year I know it was a few days ago but I wanted to share something unique and maybe a bit magickal to kick off the new year. There are a 6+ key point , I want share with to consider and maybe remember when trying to set the intention for this new year.

Before beginning I wanted to share something, consider purchasing a journal for your thoughts . . This will help you tune into the moment, sort out your thoughts, be more patient, and connect with your higher self. It allows for introspect (examining your thoughts and feelings). Journaling can be powerful, it can help you see the current motivation or thoughts and review if there is a need to change anything. It show you steps needed to create a new motivation or focus?

Attracting your thoughts from your higher self are valuable. Writing about your experience can help you understand your current motivation and what is going on in your life at that moment. Then you can align yourself with purpose, see when you get sidetracked, and learn how to correct your thoughts to refocus your goals.

Let’s begin the 6 + key points , grab your journal or a few pieces a paper and pen

  • Take a moment to breathe, inhale count to 4 hold , then exhale count to four  , do this slowly so you can calm, focus and center your energy. Listen to music to help set the mood for this task and maybe it  to uplift you to new vibration.  I love to listen to music,  when writing . light a candle to help offer positive energy or use stick of your favorite incense ,my favorite is Lavender or sandalwood.
  • The first part is look at last year, time to self – reflect what you did and didn’t do or write the pro and cons of this last year. What lessons did you learn? What mistakes did occur?  Write them in your journal or paper. Examples can be: can be complaining too much, being a negative state when around others, being tired, not eating the best. Feeling stuck in rut.      What the positive stuff this past year ? what are you proud of this year ? what goal did you set up and accomplish it? What did you enjoy this past  year?  What new insight that you learned?
  • Now let’s shift for this new year , what do you want to focus on? Think in positive manner, release and let go of last year negative. By trying to be in better place today consider aligning your self to better goals break it down to wellness/ self-care, family/ Home. Personal growth, Spirituality, love .  options to add can be career and school if studying online or campus classes. Or other things that relate to your life. write 1 or 2 lines of what each means to you and what you can set as a small goal. I will present example in a bit.
  • Write affirmations to help inspire to your new intention? Look online or look with my blogs for good affirmations. To use this year. I will present an article for new affirmation  soon
  •  Make it fun to set these intention it does not need to all serious and no fun. Explore the possibilities, what little treats do you want to give yourself for each thing you wish to accomplish even for 2 small goals a month, plan for 3 or 6 months. Consider bullet journal ideas from Pinterest to help find fun ways to reach your goals. maybe create a vision board,
  • Spirituality: raise your vibration daily { look to option to raise vibration} Create a spiritual routine for morning or night time, journal your thoughts, what are you grateful for?  Read book on spiritual base , connect and learn about Goddess or angel, meditate for 10 min of the day.
  • Wellness/ Self- care:  morning walk or lite exercise, limit amount of social media or tv, try making healthy diet change, drink more water, take time to sleep and rest, take multi vitamin and herbal supplements, go outside be in nature.
  • Personal development/ growth: learn a new skill, find spiritual nature in your life, read a book, develop a positive attitude, stop complaining, Learn about laws of attraction.  unplug for the day avoid screen time and just relax.
  • Love: practice self- love routines, connect with those you love on deeper level, learn about 5 love languages, work on self- esteem, listen more and talk less.  Appreciate yourself and those within your life. love and worship  your body.

 Create a small ritual to invite positive energy  to change this new year

  • Let’s make a little ritual  to bring positive magick to your New year intentions . gather supplies ; flameproof bowl, candle, 1 piece of paper and pen, incense or sage bundle, turn on some music to raise the energy.
  • Gather all your items to safe quiet spot with small table, bench or even chair. You want to  away from others so you won’t be distracted, put phone up, go off social media, turn off tv,  keep pet away and children , or an area with flowy curtains,  in case of fire hazard. Do it in quiet time, { during the day when kids are at school or at night when everyone has  gone to bed }feel free to put on music to listen soft maybe romantic. The time of day can be what ever easier for you.  Begin with Casting  a circle of white light around you and all items, if you forget to something cut a door and go get the item, reseal it afterwards.
  •  Now it’s time to write a copy of your goals  on  a piece of paper,  light your candle , call upon your patron deity , angels or universe ask them to come   join you ,and help you make this wish for new year to come true. Light your incense or sage bundle ,smudge yourself with smoke from bundle or incense, cup the smoke ,with hand and push the smoke around your body to cleanse you body and spirit.  Then recite your wish to those you have called upon, tell them what you plan to do this year and ask if they can help see these goals come to true for better life for you and love ones. Once done reciting light the paper with candle and gentle toss into the flameproof bowl. What it burn . take a moment  to meditate , listen to music , see what insight comes to you as you are quiet make notes in your journal about  what comes to you after the ritual .

Enjoy the beginning of this new year , consider wearing healing gemstone to help manifest your goals this year into life manifesting gemstone are Tiger eye, carnelian, citrine and crystal quartz. . look for our new year box set to help set the mood comes with smudge set , gemstones, worksheets  and necklace to help set the mood they be found in our boutique  in Imbolc and Valentine gifts section  we will release later today.

Well as I close this article please know take time to enjoy this new year , explore the possibilities to change you life , even small step can create such big steps. I wish you the best this year has to offer

Share your experiences with me , I’d love to hear about it.

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Be inspired, Be Uplifted, Be love, Be Light- Norma

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