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Hello beautiful Spirit  , its Norma you  know Forevrgoddess. Let’s talk about 5 ways to raise your vibration in your home for Spring . life trying to stir under blankets of snow here in Paris Idaho ,it’s perfect time to prepare for coming of spring and winter hopefully coming to end and now is the time  to consider to invite positive energy for spring season

Hello beautiful Spirit  , its Norma you  know Forevrgoddess. Let’s talk about 5+  ways to raise your vibration in your home for spring season

  As the first  day of February begins tomorrow, will send a prayer in wind for warmer weather. We’ve been experience a bitter cold temperature, we look towards the Sun to see the bright light and feel warmth of sun and my face.  The stirring of life will begin later this month and hope a warm spring to return to many area through out the  US. Here in Paris we tend to keep the snow a little bit longer than others area. So plenty of time to enjoy playing in the snow in, fishing, snow mobile , kids play in snow sledding and little snow men are found all around town.

Many of us, have busy lives with family, work, online school or spring  college semesters  , spending  time with our loves ones, friends, partner or spouse . we welcome this  season for  shopping for valentine’s day for love ones and Imbolc , St Patrick’s for a little bit luck of Irish, and Spring equinox .Trust me there is list of things to do, look to my article

were updating soon new ideas

But as this month moves forward, and days slowly moves closer to march . Now Time to cleanse the home of stagnant energy and to invite peace and harmony. For continue of spring  season.

  • Add wind chime to nearby window , so it and chime as gentle breeze blows in to cleanse area with sound therapy
  • Smudge the home with smudging herbs: Our favorite is Cedar , juniper or Palo Santo with Lavender.  Open all windows and door if weather permits. Don’t forget to smudge yourself, put the intention into your home of “ Positive energy , Peace and Calm” so all who dwell there are at  peace and all is good. To protect and cleanse the home and to invite peace calming energy.  Esp. if there have been any illness, fighting, and  disagreements .  I do ritual smudging often esp. if kids get wild or just feel yucky in home and need fresh energy. I have the Kids rings the bells in every room to banish negative energy invite positive energy within. Use smudging spray with essential oils if you can do smoke, incense works too.
  • Creating a crystal grid in main room of the house, consider meditation for 10 mins a day can improve you personal vibrational energy.  use gemstone so rose quartz{ love, harmony , comfort, compassion.} Amethyst { inner peace, release tension in the home, and protection} black tourmaline  { remove toxic and negative energy} , crystal quartz{ raise positive  vibration, charging energy},  Amethyst{ inner peace, balance, all healing }, Peacock ore { happiness, harmony corrects imbalances}  Citrine {  Creativity,  Happiness, cheerful, prosperity, warmth, joy}
  • Take some to find Spring  décor  you can paint that will add accent your home. Paint with festive colors, look to hobby lobby for ideas. If you find one already paint . then do with item you painted or not . Mark on the bottom or back with Protection and blessings symbols or sigil to bring home best the season can offer. Plus if you create a spell or prayer keep note of it so you can do it every year if you put away or once a month if you keep it out.  I will present an article about it here soon.
  • Air diffuser and use oils of Rosemary or Jasmine.
  • bring candles to home well warm up the energy within the home and invite the sunshine within the home in evenings. it’s great way to invite positive energy in ,
  • Bake Bread  for Imbolc and  spring equinox  by baking bread  it creates warmth in the home , smell of bread bring happy feelings.  and loving feeling. It brings harmony into your home.  My favorite is to make cinnamon rolls.

These are just some ideas I wish to share with you, may you find peace and joy this summer season.  We  will soon present  Our New Mentoring  session “ Raise your vibration and Manifest the Harmony in Life”, with workbook and box set

Be inspired, Be Uplifted, Be love, Be Light- Norma

Share your experiences with me , I’d love to hear about it.

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