Affirmation of the day uplifting

Affirmation of the day Uplifting

Hello beautiful spirit ,  its Norma you know Forevrgoddess

 Today affirmations I created says “May I be surrounded by uplifting friends and family “

Ask God, Goddess, Angels, Universe to bring people in your life that resonate with your positive energy and bring loving light to your life. that you also share with them.

Remember if you have people in your life who already support you then,   find time to appreciate them  are in your life , esp. if they  uplift you in time of sadness, challenging times  or low points in life.

Share and express your love and support for those in your life , that are  your support group to help you  move forward , and they want you to succeed  in all aspect in life. But don’t for get to do the same for  them ,  Love them and cherish them if they be family, friends, coworkers, etc.

You may help them in moment of need of a friend or shoulder to lean on during hard times ,or even offer big hug. I’m grateful of those who help find my inner when I need it most, and I’m here for them.

Say a prayer to universe to invite  positive vibrating people into your life. remember to  detach from the toxic and negative people. Remember it’s time to shine and evolve your life to whole new level .

Be love be light-n

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