Self care list for late autumn season

Hello beautiful spirit , its norma you know Forevrgoddess
Let’s talk briefly on self care for autumn season. Many of us are busy with
daily life( going to school or online college, doing errands,  working 9-5 job , family life, home life, etc.)

we need to take time to reflect bring balance into our lives as the autumn
continue and the coming of winter holidays

We need to figure out what we can bring more a positive change as the winter
comes, sometimes we forget about taking care of ourselves and sometime we need
to remember we are precious. As well as appreciating those who support you in
life may they be family, sibling, relative, friends, co workers, etc. life is
too short and honoring yourself as much honoring other in life.

Self care ideas for today

  • Buy a journal to write down , and reflect what has come to pass as lessons learned , this year as we draw closer to winter, write small list why your grateful in life? . Consider doing journal prompt question see how far you have spiritual grown this past year. And what goals you want to set for this season.
  • Create a sacred space within you home a room , nook, or closet even a corner of a room so you can make place or peace and to nurture yourself on hard days. Add comfy blankets or pillows, faery lights, plants and crystals.
  • Create a night and do potluck party with loves, friends and family to celebrate the coming of winter before the holiday rush to busy season.  Make chicken fiesta soup, chili, any comfort foods recipe.
  •  Do holiday or autumn  coloring  meditation with fun coloring book and markers and have fun ,print off copies let kids join in
  • Enjoy in quiet place your cup of tea or coffee first thing in morning , watch the sunrise before rushing off to daily tasks or errands, work or preparing children for school.
  •  Meditate with Crystals and gemstones, use amethyst: inner peace and protection, golden healer{golden quartz} master healer, rebalances yin/ yang, tiger eye {gold} protection, grounding, dispel negativity, give purpose and personal empowerment. Add music as you meditate I use insight timer from google play store { look for the little brown bowl}
  •  Bake a coffee bread or cookies  and share with love ones or friend with tea.
  •  Go for nature walk and see the changes from late fall coming into winter
  • Snuggle with self care book by the fire, with cup of hot coco, I like Aztec hot coco[ add cayenne pepper to my coco mix }

As we come to end of this article , I want to wish the best for the holiday season, soon I will present the self care list for winter season soon to check back , blessings of love and light – n

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