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Hello beautiful spirit I wanted to share a quote I found on Pinterest, something that speaks to me esp. as we head into the winter holiday season. The quote says : “Kindness begins with the understanding we that we all struggle” – Charles Glassman

Sometimes in life we struggle and with many of experiencing a struggle with, how fast the world can be nowadays . the holidays we worry about having the best  times for our families  or trying to stay positive when things don’t work out in our favor at times. Holidays is here to remind us we can have hope , love, and faith.

We need to remember we are not brought into this world to suffer, the Goddess ,God, Angels and universe try to remind with signs that things can and will get better. Sometime we have obstacles we need to over come to begin to  see the light or a guiding star to find in better place. This world can be difficult because we need to buy a place in the world to fit in. but not fitting into any cookie mold is ok. Be authentic to yourself, give love and kindness to others in life or around you as you walk thru life .  

Be kind to others as you go thru this holiday,  many people  struggle so much, respect other boundaries, remember some people panic and get out of hand with worry not having enough for their children, family or love ones. Some could go thru depression because they do not know how to process this season, or they have lost a love this year.

Remember during this holiday to say prayer to this world for everyone to find peace and happiness this holiday season. Give to unfortunate, give to shelter, homeless, battered women or children, animal  shelters. I donate suncatchers  and gift cups ,  around the holidays to my local animal shelter to help raise money to donate.

Take moment and give to others can mean a lot, spread kindness when you can help, be a guiding light for other to strive for . Remember to be inspired, be uplifted, be love be light-n

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