Autumn season

Forevrgoddess Intuitive Spirit Session- Autumn

Forevrgoddess intuitive/psychic reading service Autumn season featured

Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Here is list featuring out service for autumn and Halloween season.

To schedule appointments  go to my service page.   Brief info ,of the List within this  page.

I can offer discount for 2 more intuitive readings
More detailed info can be found on Forevrgoddess boutique website link below

Mabon section
Autumn Faery -work Autumn faery for guidance this autumn equinox. $12.00

Clairsentience love reading. Let’s explore with empathic gift to look at your love life and give guidance where needed $15.00

Raise your vibration: let’s explore your life to see where we can raise your vibration.  .$12.00

Wiccan Sabbat -Mabon /Autumn equinox
Intuitive reading $10.00

Goddess Morrigan Guided meditation
Come explore a unique meditation with Goddess Morrigan $10.00

Goddess Guidance Morrigan.  Come have intuitive Reading with Celtic Goddess Morrigan  $12.00

Samhain section:
What does my future hold? An intuitive reading where we explore your life now and what will come in the future and options to make it successful  $15.00

Past life soul mate :  let’s explore your past life and see if soulmate will you meet them in life  time or find lessons to learn move forward and find the best relationship.$18.00

Wiccan sabbat : Samhain/Halloween intuitive reading $10.00

Tis the season of witch reading-lets explore your inner  side of witch. $13.00

Goddess guidance with Greek Goddess Hekate. Come and seek insight for Great Goddess Hekate celebrated this time of year. $ 12.00
Goddess Hekate Guided meditation:
Come on unique meditation with Greek Goddess Hekate. $10.00

Samhain look contact page follow link to boutique and search our selection.

We will create new reading soon

Go my contact page for link to my boutique to reserve a appointment. Thank you-norma

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