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Hello beautiful spirit I wanted to share a quote I found on Pinterest, something that speaks to me esp. as we head into the winter holiday season. The quote says : “Kindness begins with the understanding we that we all struggle” – Charles Glassman

Sometimes in life we struggle and with many of experiencing a struggle with, how fast the world can be nowadays . the holidays we worry about having the best  times for our families  or trying to stay positive when things don’t work out in our favor at times. Holidays is here to remind us we can have hope , love, and faith.

We need to remember we are not brought into this world to suffer, the Goddess ,God, Angels and universe try to remind with signs that things can and will get better. Sometime we have obstacles we need to over come to begin to  see the light or a guiding star to find in better place. This world can be difficult because we need to buy a place in the world to fit in. but not fitting into any cookie mold is ok. Be authentic to yourself, give love and kindness to others in life or around you as you walk thru life .  

Be kind to others as you go thru this holiday,  many people  struggle so much, respect other boundaries, remember some people panic and get out of hand with worry not having enough for their children, family or love ones. Some could go thru depression because they do not know how to process this season, or they have lost a love this year.

Remember during this holiday to say prayer to this world for everyone to find peace and happiness this holiday season. Give to unfortunate, give to shelter, homeless, battered women or children, animal  shelters. I donate suncatchers  and gift cups ,  around the holidays to my local animal shelter to help raise money to donate.

Take moment and give to others can mean a lot, spread kindness when you can help, be a guiding light for other to strive for . Remember to be inspired, be uplifted, be love be light-n

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FG Mindful Living Newsletter

Hello beautiful Spirit. It’s Norma You Know Forevrgoddess.  I hope this note finds you well. I’m excited to send this week’s newsletter featuring the Chakra of the Week  : Root Chakra

I will discuss the healing benefits when working this unique chakra , I will present a list of gemstones Associated with chakra , share chakra affirmations , some simple fixes to help align your chakra , and few more things . I’ll give ideas for use and journal prompts that may inspire you to look at your life from a new perspective. So, grab a cup of tea and let’s begin!

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FG Mindful Living Spirit animal of the Week : Wolf

FG Mindful Living Newsletter

Hello beautiful Spirit. It’s Norma You Know Forevrgoddess.  I hope this note finds you well. I’m excited to send this week’s newsletter featuring the Spirit animal of the Week, Wolf

I will discuss the healing benefits when working this unique spirit animal , I will present a list of gemstones Associated with spirt animal , share Spirt animal affirmations and few more things . I’ll give ideas for use and journal prompts that may inspire you to look at your life from a new perspective. So, grab a cup of tea and let’s begin!

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)0( 6 key point to remember when setting intention for new year

Hello beautiful spirit here are 6 key point to remember when setting intention this new year

Happy New year I know it was a few days ago but I wanted to share something unique and maybe a bit magickal to kick off the new year. So grab a cup of tea and let’s begin .

Hello beautiful spirit here are 6 key point to remember when setting intention this new year

Happy New year I know it was a few days ago but I wanted to share something unique and maybe a bit magickal to kick off the new year. There are a 6+ key point , I want share with to consider and maybe remember when trying to set the intention for this new year.

Before beginning I wanted to share something, consider purchasing a journal for your thoughts . . This will help you tune into the moment, sort out your thoughts, be more patient, and connect with your higher self. It allows for introspect (examining your thoughts and feelings). Journaling can be powerful, it can help you see the current motivation or thoughts and review if there is a need to change anything. It show you steps needed to create a new motivation or focus?

Attracting your thoughts from your higher self are valuable. Writing about your experience can help you understand your current motivation and what is going on in your life at that moment. Then you can align yourself with purpose, see when you get sidetracked, and learn how to correct your thoughts to refocus your goals.

Let’s begin the 6 + key points , grab your journal or a few pieces a paper and pen

  • Take a moment to breathe, inhale count to 4 hold , then exhale count to four  , do this slowly so you can calm, focus and center your energy. Listen to music to help set the mood for this task and maybe it  to uplift you to new vibration.  I love to listen to music,  when writing . light a candle to help offer positive energy or use stick of your favorite incense ,my favorite is Lavender or sandalwood.
  • The first part is look at last year, time to self – reflect what you did and didn’t do or write the pro and cons of this last year. What lessons did you learn? What mistakes did occur?  Write them in your journal or paper. Examples can be: can be complaining too much, being a negative state when around others, being tired, not eating the best. Feeling stuck in rut.      What the positive stuff this past year ? what are you proud of this year ? what goal did you set up and accomplish it? What did you enjoy this past  year?  What new insight that you learned?
  • Now let’s shift for this new year , what do you want to focus on? Think in positive manner, release and let go of last year negative. By trying to be in better place today consider aligning your self to better goals break it down to wellness/ self-care, family/ Home. Personal growth, Spirituality, love .  options to add can be career and school if studying online or campus classes. Or other things that relate to your life. write 1 or 2 lines of what each means to you and what you can set as a small goal. I will present example in a bit.
  • Write affirmations to help inspire to your new intention? Look online or look with my blogs for good affirmations. To use this year. I will present an article for new affirmation  soon
  •  Make it fun to set these intention it does not need to all serious and no fun. Explore the possibilities, what little treats do you want to give yourself for each thing you wish to accomplish even for 2 small goals a month, plan for 3 or 6 months. Consider bullet journal ideas from Pinterest to help find fun ways to reach your goals. maybe create a vision board,
  • Spirituality: raise your vibration daily { look to option to raise vibration} Create a spiritual routine for morning or night time, journal your thoughts, what are you grateful for?  Read book on spiritual base , connect and learn about Goddess or angel, meditate for 10 min of the day.
  • Wellness/ Self- care:  morning walk or lite exercise, limit amount of social media or tv, try making healthy diet change, drink more water, take time to sleep and rest, take multi vitamin and herbal supplements, go outside be in nature.
  • Personal development/ growth: learn a new skill, find spiritual nature in your life, read a book, develop a positive attitude, stop complaining, Learn about laws of attraction.  unplug for the day avoid screen time and just relax.
  • Love: practice self- love routines, connect with those you love on deeper level, learn about 5 love languages, work on self- esteem, listen more and talk less.  Appreciate yourself and those within your life. love and worship  your body.

 Create a small ritual to invite positive energy  to change this new year

  • Let’s make a little ritual  to bring positive magick to your New year intentions . gather supplies ; flameproof bowl, candle, 1 piece of paper and pen, incense or sage bundle, turn on some music to raise the energy.
  • Gather all your items to safe quiet spot with small table, bench or even chair. You want to  away from others so you won’t be distracted, put phone up, go off social media, turn off tv,  keep pet away and children , or an area with flowy curtains,  in case of fire hazard. Do it in quiet time, { during the day when kids are at school or at night when everyone has  gone to bed }feel free to put on music to listen soft maybe romantic. The time of day can be what ever easier for you.  Begin with Casting  a circle of white light around you and all items, if you forget to something cut a door and go get the item, reseal it afterwards.
  •  Now it’s time to write a copy of your goals  on  a piece of paper,  light your candle , call upon your patron deity , angels or universe ask them to come   join you ,and help you make this wish for new year to come true. Light your incense or sage bundle ,smudge yourself with smoke from bundle or incense, cup the smoke ,with hand and push the smoke around your body to cleanse you body and spirit.  Then recite your wish to those you have called upon, tell them what you plan to do this year and ask if they can help see these goals come to true for better life for you and love ones. Once done reciting light the paper with candle and gentle toss into the flameproof bowl. What it burn . take a moment  to meditate , listen to music , see what insight comes to you as you are quiet make notes in your journal about  what comes to you after the ritual .

Enjoy the beginning of this new year , consider wearing healing gemstone to help manifest your goals this year into life manifesting gemstone are Tiger eye, carnelian, citrine and crystal quartz. . look for our new year box set to help set the mood comes with smudge set , gemstones, worksheets  and necklace to help set the mood they be found in our boutique  in Imbolc and Valentine gifts section  we will release later today.

Well as I close this article please know take time to enjoy this new year , explore the possibilities to change you life , even small step can create such big steps. I wish you the best this year has to offer

Share your experiences with me , I’d love to hear about it.

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Be inspired, Be Uplifted, Be love, Be Light- Norma

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)0( winter solstice blessings

Hello beautiful spirit winter solstice and Yuletide blessings to you and your love ones . May this day be bless with joyful moments and loving light, here Lil bit of info enjoy . Be love, be light-n

)0( Witchy inspired  yuletide gift guide)0(

FGB Witchy inspired  yuletide gift guide 

Hello Its me Norma  you know  Forevrgoddess .  I wrote a new article for gift giving guide for any special witchy , goddess loving or spiritual person  in your life. These gift ideas can be giving anytime of year.  Were excited to present this article enjoy hugs

Hello, come learn a few ideas that can inspire your love ones  or any special holiday or loving moments for yourself , friend or  a special witchy or spiritual person  in your life.

Every year when winter solstice or Yule comes around you may have seen if not earlier the beginning of every year  are out. Like me I buy things early so I’m not caught off guard and left with nothing to my special wiccan husband rob and my kids, wonders what to find me for gift. Sometimes he need ideas what to give his sweet sweet Goddess , he calls Me. Lol. Here some ideas. This list can be used for winter  birthdays, surprise gifts, romantic loving moment for gift giving ,  for and new spiritual , witchy or  goddess loving friends  in your life . don’t think this list is all to be, you expand and explore what you think your love one will like.

Don’t forget you can get your love one a special psychic / intuitive readings from me, Forevrgoddess

link will be listed at bottom of page

Don’t for get we  offer  unique  jewelry and gift  box set from our Forevrgoddess boutique .Link will listed at bottom of page .

So let’s get to the list , this came be used anytime of the year, birthdays, anniversaries,  even to celebrate any wiccan sabbats, full moon esbats and more . I feel this list can fit any spiritual, goddess loving  or witchy  new or seasoned,  and maybe a few male witches will approve too. .lol

  • New journal
  • New winter hats and gloves
  • Make a homemade holiday ornament for yule tree
  • Make hand ornament from air dry clay and use rubber stamp to imprint them .
  • Color pens , pencils, or markers even metallic ones
  • Hot coco cup set with homemade hot coco
  • Make unique winter themed gift basket with candles, small blanket , journal .
  • Tea cup set  with favored tea, my favorite tea is Marie Antoinette by Nina in Paris you can find on amazon
  • Heart gemstones
  • Have custom candle created for your love one. My friend Nikki , has beautiful winter candles and more { link is below}
  • New oracle deck I love all oracle cards  by lucy cavendish or goddess inspired by others
  • New tarot deck my favorite deck is  tarot de la nuit  by carol anne eschenazi
  • Vintage tarot deck
  • Vintage psychic or witchy  posters, art or paintings
  • New pendulums
  • Create and download  mp3 music playlist for them
  • yule inspired or New age  music  : fauna ,   Diane or David  Arkenstone, Blue stone, Sleep thief, these are my favorite
  • Buy their favorite flowers
  • Buy a crystal bible by Judy hall that has all gemstone and crystal meanings
  • Witchy or faery, dragon coloring book
  • Witchy color pages printed off from your  home printer found on Pinterest
  • Bath salts – my friend Rachelle make some wonderful scents {below is her email}
  • Jewelry- we carry various wonderful gifts within my Forevrgoddess boutique
  • Spa treatments facial, bath bubbles pamper your favorite witch
  • Hand made winter solstice / yule card
  • Make bookmarks for your favorite readers
  • Moon or Snow flake  themed accessories for them to wear or for home  for yule
  • Witchy inspired home décor for Yule  { I find stuff on ebay cheaper than most places}
  • Look for snowflake or winter  themed coffee or wine {I’ve seen some online}
  • Smudge sets white sage, cedar, abalone shell and feather
  • Gemstones kits  for love, prosperity, protection, healing, abundance, soothing energy
  • make jewelry for them, earrings, bracelets, etc.
  • Skincare  products, I love and use Andalou naturals for years, gentle on skin and youth appearance it gives, look on Walmart or amazon.

Rachelle Hutchings  for her bath bombs : goddessofwildlife@gmail.com

Nikki Griffith for her  custom products


Closing: these are only a few ideas to inspire from I wish you the best this holiday season

We carry various items for  winter  Solstice / Yuletide gifts  within my boutique ,

Forevrgoddess intuitive spirit services

Share your experiences with me , I’d love to hear about it.

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Be inspired, Be Uplifted, Be love, Be Light- Norma

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)0( FG Mindful Living Newsletter -Crystal of the Week Tiger eye

FG Mindful Living

Hello beautiful Spirit. I hope this note finds you well. I’m excited to send this week’s newsletter featuring the Crystal of the Week, tiger’s eye!

I will discuss the healing benefits of tiger’s eye and share crystal affirmations. I’ll give ideas for use and journal prompts that may inspire you to look at your life from a new perspective. So, grab a cup of tea and let’s begin!

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)0( What 3 things are your grateful for? Share with us today!

Hello beautiful spirit, it’s Norma you know forevrgoddess   , I hope you’re having a good day?

So what are you grateful for? List 3 things, it can be about your life, work, hobbies, family, love ones, even friends.

Sometime in world we don’t get appreciated, for so many reasons, being hard worker at your job , mother who nurture their family , being a good friend to others and even giving to those who need us the most.

 Sometimes we forget to tell others why we appreciate them so much. Show appreciation make something for someone else, drop a cup of their favorite drink while they are at work, have a dinner party and celebrate being together for holiday season. Make handmade cards and share with those you love. Take a moment to write in journal and list 3 thing every day, so when you moody or sad look and read the list what are you happy for.

 I lost my mom many years ago to honor her , I share what I have with others less fortunate, she taught how to  help those in need , esp those I love and others, this taught me  how I’m grateful to be the mom to 2 great wild loving children and wonderful, romantic husband.

Here a 4th for being thankful, I’m glad for support of husband, my children, followers on my page and groups  on Facebook, close friends and clients from over the years of support, and kind words , as I find my destiny as light worker. I love to  Sharing these posts  and  soul connect with others gives me meaning . It’s rewarding to know I can help and inspire; someone find their inner light and grow from there.  What inspires you to be grateful for?? Share with me

If anyone needs help finding g their inner light or need uplift experience, look to my article I write to find the inspiration or my FG Mindful living newsletter

let me know, I can share the links. Be Love, Be Light- N

So what are your 3 things your grateful for? Let’s soul connect and share with us.

Be love be light-n

)0( calming anxiety, tips, to help you soothe

Hello  its norma you know Forevrgoddess.
I’ve  combined 2days Into a little topic.
Anxiety and  mental shut downs, it happens to all of us.  Sometimes some of us  trying to handle their day to day life with struggle.

They are not alone, I suffer from anxiety issues to, I would not  be surpise more people have it too.
Our lives now day can be stress ful from trying to best job each day with world drama get involved with it, dealing   with people you meet at work, life in general,  social media post that stress us out, school work, friends even family. We can get overwhelm.
So me of us feel lost and unsure how to “snap out” of it as some people says we should. We cant turn off, the worries

. I grew with my mom always worrying  about people back home to our family and relatives. There can be a few ways to hand it. Talking to friend who is grounded and calm can help,  talking to our partner or spouse, talking to family who is also the same and can uplift and offer support.
Or even better seeing therpaist  theses people it’s their role to help us over cone our fears, insecurities and assure us all will be well.

But sometimes even if we get the support we just shut down try to avoid telling other s even feeling alone in life. We may notice people around d us have moved on with life finding love , better friendships s ,even just moving away. Make us feel alone.
Or were up really late at night worrying  the world is going to come to end, got alot to proceed from the dayb, active mind that wont shut off. and you cant sleep
Here are a couple ideas that can help I do alot of these things

  • write down all your worry on paper,
    If so eating is bothering g write it out on paper,  your thoughts, problems, just spill it all on paper. Make mental to look at it in morning
  • if you have alot of things to do and cant figure what to write a “To do list”, write down what you need to . Then make a a few smaller list what to accomplish for next day, even if its 1 topic. Same before thing about in morning  shut off mind and go to sleep.
    *say evening  prayer to your Goddess,God, Jesus, Angel’s, universe. To help calm your worries and mind and help give better solutions you can work toward with their inspiration. But also ask them to send      Information in morning not bed time. I’ve done this  and get write everything given to me several time s at night over a problems I had.

*consider learning about EFT tapping  techniques . I was taught by a friend it does help . And calms a worried mind.

*talk to yourself with positive affirmations.  “I can handle this”  “I need to calm myself” “this only temporary ” “I need to be kind to myself”

*Remind yourself worrying   will get you no where .Dont let your mind start the snowball effect. If let snowball roll down a hill its get bigger and bigger.  Dont let do that.

*calming lavender bathroom product  soak  in bath tub with essential oil lavender.
“Love beauty  and planet” have  wonderful scented lavender shampoo and conditioner , it help me relax after a stressful day.

*snuggle up with pet, your child or love one who can give hugs Dont forget to hug back.

*do yoga and breathing exercises to calm yourself .

  • listen soothing music,with nature sounds
    *journaling your emotions and thought to  reflect later is good practice.

*what 3 thing are you grateful for today??

Try to remind yourself this will pass, worrying only robs you of sleep and stresses your body. Hopefully these ideas
will help to calm your anxiety  and help calm the soul. I’m here if you need me hugs-n

)0( Unique Stories About Living and working with Spirits as psychic medium

updated 10/10/2023

Hello beautiful spirit,  come with me on journey as I tell you some of my personal tales how I live and work as medium with spirit . And some happenings with my gifted children , there is life beyond the grave.

Hello beautiful spirit,  it’s Norma you know Forevrgoddess.  come with me on journey as I tell you some of my personal tales of how I  live and work as medium . And some happenings with my gifted children have experienced , there is life beyond the grave.

As the leaves of autumn begin to show in the surrounding Hills and local mountains of Paris , Idaho. Our family loves the autumn season. We decorate our home every Sept 23rd for past 12 years for me and husband wedding anniversary. We love to decorate for Halloween or autumn season every year , though my daughter trinity would love to decorate for Halloween all year round, which I agree I would too. lol

The house begins to have a Hum from 1st   day of September , as the veil to spirit world is slowly opening every 10 days stronger , the veil will be fully opened on Halloween ,  slow begin to close as the days after  Dia de los Muertos in November 2.

 The hum I feel in  my home is because the spirits create energy , I work with spirits as intuitive medium and clairvoyant.  many of these spirits that my clients look for consoling after a loss of departed one or, to find closure for passing of love one, they ask for insight from their family spirits to help guide in their life, or know and feel the connection that there is life beyond the grave. I will share some unique heart warming stories, funny, awe inspiring moments that I share and my family when working with spirits.

My mother melba was medium, empath and gift woman, though she had her fears growing up in central American country, I feel her Spanish catholic upbringing may have set the track to cause her to be bit fearful of her gifts, but she has helped many of our family over the years , she was always the one many looked to for help, she worked closely with her  saints and rosary ,   she knew who to pray to or what herbs to help cure any disease. She never turned any one away. 

My father Edward was always loved to hear and learn about the paranormal as a kid I remember in 1980’s to watch any shows on paranormal event esp during the Halloween season. I found out after his passing he was clairvoyant and was able to see spirits.   As child I tried to understand the Paranormal, ghost hunting evidence, movies,  TV shows that spoke of spirit coming to talk to living.

 I loved to read book on ghost stories,   one of my favorite  Books was “ Haunted stories :  by  Michael Norman and Beth Scott . if I remember  they have 4 books,  I have some of them in  my personal book collection.

 I will share some of my experiences with my clients spirit family, I will change names to protection the families.

My personal Spirit experiences while growing up

One of my first few experiences with spirit was a few months after my father Edward had died in 1992. He was older when I was born and he had some health issues that he could not  recover from. The days after his death and funeral,  my parents home was quiet and everyone was grieving. I remember one morning one my way to high school  I felt like I was being followed, in Pasadena a big city,  you never know.   I Turned around to see if I had some following me, I felt a rush of wind that scattered some leaves of evergreen trees across the ground, as I looked over head I saw group of 12-15 crows fly over head then I heard my father voice call me name. it was surprise yet thrilling moment.

I had another moment with my mother, this was a think ½ year or year before my dad passed away both my parents were home, my siblings were in bed asleep with their families. The House was quiet, I was in the kitchen working one my home work for high school. It was about  almost 10 pm, we have a  big kitchen window next to kitchen sink, that faced my neighbor home. I heard a big slammed against the window like someone had threw something. The window was vibrating from the impact. It spooked me I called my mother from down the hall way. My mother and cousin Rosa was up from el Salvador.  Me and mom peeked from back door to see if someone was back there nothing. Then all of us went to front  living room, my mom and cousin peeked front door to look to see if there was some there.  There was no one. My mom said when she look to close the door she looked toward the couch she saw in spirit her uncle Manuel. He was just sitting on the couch. With that my mom rushed back into the kitchen and told us what she saw. The next morning my mom called to her family there and found out my mother’s uncle Manuel had passed away last night.

Now these were only experience I that I can remember from my parent home, though they weren’t the only ones. I know my sister and my sister in law had mentioned in passing how they would hear my father bell would ring when he needed something when he was at the back of the house, in master bedroom. Or we could her some time of my grandmother who was sick cry from her bed, because she was in pain. They both mentioned it would happen different times of year.

Living here in Paris , Idaho I had my fair share of ghostly experiences. Robert my husband, parent’s home is  haunted  it was at one point a gas station, with garage and rock shop with Robert grandparents. My father in law would tell me of cabinet doors open and close when he would get up at night for smoke a cigarette. or another time see people walk-in from garage and go into his bathroom, he see them from his chair that faces his tv, he rush to find the person he saw only to find no one but him and his dog snoop.  My first experience was  I heard the loud boom in the home during my first few night living there. Rob and his dad would be deep sleep, I needed to go the potty that night.  Robert mother had died 1997 due to health issues. As I walked up to bathroom rob mother spirit appeared to be blocked me from the hallway to bathroom, from beyond the bathroom was  Rob’s dad bedroom . I felt she was afraid I meant ill will to her husband.  I calmly told her I mean no harm to anyone. I loved Robert, but  I needed to go the bathroom , I told her I’ll pee the floor if she liked. She vanished away, and I went to the bathroom.  Though I did get a chuckle from my father in law the next morning. Lol

Before me and rob found our new home, we moved back into my Rob’s dad home after we lived in Paris apartment. A month after we got married.  because of the heating problems and  I was pregnant with my son Gabe at that time. This moment remind me of my return trip from California. I just had my baby shower with my siblings and relatives in my sister home in California. I was about 7 months pregnant. My mother had passed away in 2009 problems from  her surgery. She passed away peacefully.   She never met my new husband Robert, only my siblings.

 I was little bit sad, that day ,and I was missing my mother.  The bedroom was make shift in old garage , since it had wood burning stove to keep us warm In winter. The bed was facing  the back door of the house. We had small window which had a juniper bush in front . the door has screen door, I was summer time it was may. It was about 12 pm and hot, but room was cool. I laid on bottom of  my bed , thinking of my mother I said “mom I wish you were here.” All of sudden the room filled with beautiful perfume it was Elizabeth Arden red door, my mother favorite perfume. I smelled and feel swirled by this perfume. I felt a strong  push from the side of my belly, felt like someone was touching my son . I cried ”Mom are you touching Gabriel?”  I stood up, Gabriel started to kick  hard in my belly and suddenly as I smell the perfume  in poof it was gone. I was shocked to feel my mother touching my son. I was joyous for this moment

My Personal Spirit experiences with my Family

Now we have been in my home for 11year almost 12 years we moved in shortly after this moment in may. To an  older trailer home, and it has it’s  days were either hot in summer or cold at times in winter. But we love our home no matter what. 

 Things have happened over the years, but I do recall these past 4 years , since I opened up to my home  and started to do  Spirit reading s for clients, friends and family. For while now, I’ve been careful to take on clients with wanting to speak with love one who has passed away. I always ask that the who passed away is at least 6 months since their passing and the person/client  who wishes to contact their family be ready . I need them to be sure they are ready to hear the message from their deceased loved one. As well clients been going thru 5 stages of grief and emotionally ready to move forward with this reading.    I will also tell you about the experience my children have had seen and feeling spirits within our home.

When I first decided to open my door for doing spirit reading, I took some of close friends and clients from my boutique to offer a small reading at no charge. Each person I handpicked to see if they would be ready to do the reading. Many were ready to move forwards and some had sometime between both my clients and person that passed away some over a few years.

I had close connection with one of my cousins named maria , she has come for reading right from the start, her brother Juan had passed away years, when I live in Pasadena ca. it was sudden death, which I caused pain for her and  my aunt family. I remember we have talked of doing a spirit on the phone one night. Gabriel and one of his friends {a girl who lived across  the way from our home.} Was playing with Gabe in trinity room with toys . it was becoming dark Gabe and little girl told me they saw a golf ball size orb of gold light come down from ceiling,  And the orb disappeared into the air.  I giggled a bit when kids came racing into the kitchen, the girl got spooked and went home. Me and Gabe discussed about what he saw and felt. He grew up with me and rob watching Ghost adventure, destination truth and other tv shows about paranormal. Gabe used word “Orb”, which we know can mean spirit energy, and color gold was good sign of angelic spirit. I took a moment when Gabe went to get one his tablet to watch Netflix. In quiet moment I did a quick reading who was here, I got my cousin maria , brother, Juan , he had a message for his sister.

Gabe has seen many spirit orbs either in his  room or around our home. Most of them white or gold. Sometimes,  when I am  talking  to  my clients about  doing spirit reading or they have dreams of love ones who have pass away . We  will see shadow figures or orbs.  Both Gabe and trinity are gifted and they can see spirits. Gabe is I consider is empath, clairvoyant, and one will be able to pull energy from things. Trinity I consider her healer and clairvoyant.  My husband is also gifted , he has some of both my children gifts.  There have been nights when trinity was 3 or 4 year old would wake me up to tell me, she saw 3 or 4  faeries dancing above our bed. This was when trinity was learning to talk more freely { since both her brother and trinity are autistic}  Our home can be active with spirit energy any time of year not just autumn season.  I

Update : as of April 2023 we dealt with struggle of my father in law dale has passed away from serious health issues, I was given a gifts to learn and understand how person comes closer to veil or spirit world when they are preparing to pass away. This time started in November 2023 and progressed till April. 17th  I watched the man who my husband love changed from his deal with serious health problems. I would visit him daily we would talk about his home and what he was experiencing . we would both have similar experiences within 24  hours or few hours of each other event. Dale { I called him dad} gave valuable insight how life in his mind was changing. We would joke about him seeing mom too soon to him being around longer. I remember one night early spiring  I was asleep in bed it was 2 am and I woke feeling some one in my room then I felt a push or tap on my thigh from a spirit. I told the spirt to tell what message they had for me , it turns out a goddess Oya was appearing telling me to be prepare for more to come. The next morning I told rob dad about the mysterious tap . he said same night 2 am he felt someone tap his hand 3 x and he opened his eye nothing was there. It spooked him for a moment and he went back to sleep. As the days passed by rob mother who died in 1997 came to visit us as well of many of m family a friend of mine told it was a gathering of spirits some of my family and some my husband rob family. Both home were full of people. I mentioned to many my house had party going on but you can’t see them but you felt them. Y the time came dale finally passed away he was deep a asleep , I told him as he slept in bed at home to go with mom and passed messages from rob mother to his sister, Audrey .” Mom said “she was  grateful how well, Audrey  took care of her father. And now it is mom turn to take care of dad. “ dale passed away in his sleeping not feeling any pain . dale passed away at 9:30 pm , we took his dog snoop to our home  to keep him self and away from dale as passed away

At 2 am the day dale passed away ,  I awoke to snoop howled loudly, started to whine  and ran down to back of the house to find me. Snoop is fat overweight beagle trust me ,  you wake up with him running down the hall way. he shook the house. .lol he barked and barked I though he had to go the bathroom. I felt presence in the room, didn’t think of anything bit sleepy, and took snoop outside he went potty then he started to head back toward dad home , dale home was up the street. He was pulling hard on the leash and started to whine, then I knew it was dad that came home to say good bye to us all esp snoop. Snoop is not alone he is surrounded with 2 dogs and 3 cats so he wont feel alone and my dogs and cats offered him comfort during the change transition after dale passing. They would snuggle with him , spend time with him. This same night gabe told me the next day that grand pa dale appeared to him in his dream that night grandpa said his good bye , he loved him and he was feeling better now.

Day leading up to dale passing we had a lot of owl hooting and talk around us, both me and gabe made mentions about, feeling the owls were predicting what was coming for rob dad.  Gabriel my son mentioned he had seen a few days before dale passing  gabe had seen our 2 cats  El  yellow tabby who passed year before and lance who died 2011, was visiting gabe rubbing on him and being playful  while he was at school

Gabe at school ; the day after dale passing my husband want gabe and his siter trinity to go to school to distract them from grandpa passing. Gabe mentioned he would have moments he missed his grandfather dale, dale would whisper in his ear all will be ok , and do not cry, gabe felt the love from his grandpa . but in process made him more upset and they called me to come get him earlier from school.

The day funeral: the day leading up the funeral, me and kids stayed home during the viewing and dale made it known he did not want anyone to know or show up. He wanted to be with just family. April 20th was grave site service it was beautiful service simple ,cold but sunny day. The cemetery for Paris is up on hill surround with beautiful field green grass and lil bit of trees, rob mother was buried there years earlier. Our lil cemetery is active and peace place, we usually see thing or hear voices often as well help my husband rob take care of cemetery and it’s people there. The wind was blowing this spring day a lot of snow fell this year and a deep amount of snow was removed to prepare for dale grave site.

As the service was going on I saw my husband father and mother, many spirits of  other people who are buried in cemetery present as  my husband family  said prayers and services for dale. There were jokes being made I hear dale and other laugh who were spirit , tear were shed for living and the dead. I saw many spirit stand on tombstone or floating near by to listen to services, we had honor guard for dale he was head sheriff for city of paris back in the day . so it was nice to remember him in honorable way.

Day we moved into rob dad home: after dale passing rob informed me we were moving into dale home soon, to protect the home  from unwanted people or theft. It sad day we had to , but word does spread quick sometimes. As we plan to move into the home I set up a mini camera to check in case some one has come in, as the day to weeks went by as moved our items in . the camera caught some pretty cool things. Voices can be heard, door knobs and handle moving or twists , loud bangs would be hear don camera , wed go check everyday and see if anyone has trespass . but no has gotten in moved things.

As the weeks followed and we began to unpack things within our new home, I have noticed a few things. There was day as I was preparing my office dale old bedroom to organize I would see dale younger dark color hair, youthful appearance, blue jeans and blue t-shirt I saw him come into the kitchen which I can see from office down pass the bathroom, I saw dale come into kitchen then turn around and walk aback out into living room. I told rob about it , rob said” dads just watching us. “ on quiets day I could hear dale laugh and talk about something  maybe in time loop or he was watching tv like he used to. I’ve felt rob mother around the house with smell of flowers or cigarettes, dale was known to smoke too and smell his cigarettes it would always make me cough and I would say out loud “ dad stop smoking near me please”

Other spirits living  rob dad home: as week flew by and summer came I have felt presence of my family, for a week in garage, I would smell roses, so fresh and beautiful floral scent. I know my mother, great grandmother and rob mom was there watching over us and blessings us with their presence.

Gabe one day after showering before bed happen to young girls walk from garage into pantry/ laundry room pass thru kitchen and living ,she would float towards the bed room. It spooked him that day.

Same spirt girl  have heard one day summer kids outside playing in back yard I heard from bedroom a little girl singing a song. I know it was not my daughter, voice sounded younger I could not hear my daughter from outside. I walked into the bedroom and the singing stopped/

The lady in white, this woman would appear often rob dad would mention her often, I assumed it was rob mother, but I feel it’s not. I see a white dress, very pretty and vintage long dress with ruffles long sleeves. Dress could be from 1920s or earlier, I can see in chest of dress square cut to the top with very pretty embroidery and design. I know woman has blond hair long and flowing . this home we living was built 1911 and in 190s it was gas station then eventually in 1970 it was rock shop. So it is unique place. We have time loops here on this property of past, and this land also had portal on it was unique. Not thing scary or dark full of light. Happy spirits.

 Spirit Experiences with my clients

I had clients  named  Michelle who was interested in spirit wanted me to contact her older sister Beth, they were close when she was young, but she mentioned her sister Beth,  one day died not sure why or how. She asked me to contact her.

7 Steps I take for my Spirit Readings

 When I do the spirit readings I do in 7  steps. I get photo and name of person { spirit}who I will try to contact . I ask my clients what they wish to know, ask any questions? Comments? Wanting closure? Whatever  they need. But tell my client I will not ask question like: about who dying next? If there were any wills? Start fights or Disputes over the past events esp in negative situations.  I want my client to be able to find peace and have closure to spirit passing. And help reveal and set thing in proper order so both the living and dead be at peace.

The 2nd step is I call upon the spirit by their name , I ask my angel Sophia or  my Goddesses to please  bring forth this spirit ,3rd step  I light a tea candle and explain to spirit as this candle flame  is glowing  they are welcomed here, when I am done with them, I will ask them to leave and I pinch or blow out the candle flame. Then I begin with 4th step pre-reading  { which vary with all my intuitive readingsbut are always included } I ask the spirit how will they present themselves to their loves one as spirit{ smoke, shadow figures, cold spots, etc} each spirit vary do to the spirit ability and strength. Each spirit can chose how they come across to their love ones and can show themselves in many forms each time different.

I ask them to talk to me and we discuss the reading the questions the client has and what answers the spirit willing to give. I ask the spirit if they have any messages they wish to give to my clients, I even take messages of their spirits in family who wish to pass a message on.  Each spirit varies to me , when they come,  I will  hear their voice, see images in my mind, see them in my home, I  can feel the emotions, or even a glimpse to moment in time, when the spirit life was living being. I write all these notes down , to use later in  my reading. When I’m done with pre-reading I work on the 5th step

5th step is for me shuffle and place my tarot cards on my desk as I shuffle the cards I tell the spirit what we will do next and if they want to know what my tarot card are. I give brief information to help pass messages with cards to tie in the pre-reading into the layout. The template I use is my personal and custom design layout. We pull 10 cards plus 1 card in case their more insight to gain insight for the reading. Once I’m done with cards I write down the order of cards and ask the spirit for any final messages.

 If they are done I tell them it’s time to leave, and I will call upon them then next day for  6th step  and pinch out the candle. Then I thank  the spirit for coming, I gentle ask the spirit leave.  I make sure with my Goddesses or angels to escort them out.   So they don’t hang around and spook my kids or me .        In past I did it all in one day but nowadays I take 2 days so I’m not so tired spirit energy can drain when trying to manifest themselves to me.

 The day of pre- reading I will contact my client and tell them what I found out briefly and if they had any further questions with information I have gained for them, most of time my client have more questions. On day 2 { next day}  I ask my angel Sophia and My Goddesses to  please call the spirit again to my home,  relight the candle, begin to type the meaning and translation for cards with spirit help on my laptop.  Once I’m done with typing I recheck or errors, then I tell the spirit thank you for coming, pinch out the candle  . I ask my Angel Sophia and my  Goddesses to escort the spirit back to their  bed and out of my home.  I will email  the message to client, in few minutes.

Personal experiences with my Clients Spirit family

Now let’s  go back to Michelle  spirit reading with Beth, as you now know when I call in the spirit there are steps that to do insure a good reading. Michelle told me she wanted to know what happen to hear and if she was her family. Beth was unique spirit she was a bit of challenge, but I got the information for my client.  I called upon Beth I told her this candle flame was for her to be here when I pinch or blow it out she must depart and go back to place of rest. Beth agree to the terms.

So then I began the pre- reading sessions, I told her what questions I had from her sister, she was be vague but gave insight. Then I explained to her I was going to use the tarot cards next.  Beth spirit said to me “ I don’t know those things.” I reassured her it was ok and I would help her and gave different meaning of cards.  spirit  Beth said  “ok I will try.” Once we chose the card and corrected their order. I was done, I began to prepare to type up the reading{ this before I made 2 days plan}, Michelle told before that she would not have time to be contacted after the pre- reading, but to go ahead with reading she would read it after sent.

I could feel as I worked on Beth reading , I had asked for any more messages , there were none. she was bit restless and I felt her roam around my home . when time came I was done I told Beth “ it’s time to leave. “ and proceeded to blow out the candle flame. Beth said “ No!, I like it here !” she proceeded to relight the candle. She relit the candle at least  3 time,  each time I blew out the candle and asked her to leave.. Beth spirit  said “ I like it here I want to stay with you” I told Beth  “ No your going back to bed, and join your family{ Michelle’s family  home}”

She fought me after the 3rd time , I call upon my angels and goddesses , and asked them to gentle remove her from my home. It took a few moments then the house was calm again , I checked there were no sign of Beth spirit.

I promptly email the reading to Michelle and told her of Beth denial to leave my home. I admit I never heard back from her. But you know it may have  spooked her, with what  Beth did. Most people  I believe it would.

Here are 2 quick funny  stories of close friend named Marilyn   she was young girl who was feeling the presence of her father Richard and grandfather Arthur, as of late. I normally do not like to 2 back to back spirit readings esp with same family, normally I like to spread time between both reading to give clients and the spirit .

 When I tell the spirit I’m working with ,  how I can sense spirits, I can see them, I  see them in my mind I can feel them and  hear them. I saw  Grandpa Arthur  cup his mouth with his hand said in loud voice “Hello Can you Hear Me ??”  he said this 2 times, with a big smile on his face and he was laughing.  We both got a chuckle, out of it . I was told later by Marilyn,  her grandpa Arthur,  was considered a jokester, and always had a big smile. Which made my friend Marilyn laugh, was pleased he came thru for the reading.

The Other reading Marilyn passed away was reaching out to her after sometime of his passing , she was feeling his presence at her home. I know it was time to we reach out to Richard. Marilyn told she felt his strong presence. The day I started to work with Richard, he was really strong presence. I was waiting in line to pick up my daughter from preschool, it was cold day. I had promised trinity some French fries from a little market in St. Charles which was another little town near Paris. They had little market. Ga station, that all are attached to restaurant. Richard come thru, we spoke to each other. He mentioned  he a lot to tell her. I had piece of paper and pen and began to  writing the notes, his presence was strong to cause cold spot in front passenger seat. I could reach my hand across and feel the temperance drop. It felt like  he was able to drop temp , similar  you were next to deep freeze that was opened. After about 10 minutes of writing notes, my daughter teacher brought the class to wait for their parent to go home for the day.

 I told Richard to hold a moment, as I went to pick up my daughter, I got trinity into the card and started to drive toward st Charles. Richard began to bug me, telling me I can write his notes while I was driving. I took some note with my right hand as I was watching the road and drive with left hand. But at one one point during the drive I told Richard this too much to write down. He told me “you can do it , I did ,  it’s ok I promise.” I got flustered and told him “I’m sorry, I can’t ! you’ll have to wait” . once I stopped at the  market to pick up trinity French fries. I went back home, I told Richard he would have to wait till I got home. He wasn’t happy and insisted I can do it. I ignored him, once I  got home and settled trinity down with her treat. I went back to work with Richard. When I was done with pre reading I told I needed a break to recharge and sent him home. I sent a text to Marilyn close and mutual  friend Harriet, I told her to call me this evening  with Marilyn so we can talk about Richard pre reading.

That evening Marilyn and Harriet called , and I was giving some of information of pre reading which they were both enjoyed since they both personally know Richard were close to him. They were amazed how he came thru and some of detail I revealed. Then I told him about him insisting I drive and write at the same time. They both a got a chuckle, and said that was truly Richard. I asked the ladies why, Marilyn admitted when Richard was alive being a big tall  man  ,he was able to drive with his knees  and text at the same time. Boy,  was I shocked  ! Both ladies laughed, I was started to chuckle , I  wondered how it would look to see  this in real life. the rest both of these 2 spirit I was able to bring closure for  Marilyn.

 Another time I admit I cannot remember the clients who I did the reading for. We experienced  some poltergeist activity one year for  an evening.  I had done a spirit reading during the days before my children had go home from school. The house was kind of quiet I was watch a movie on tv and  my husband was snoozing in his chair, trinity was sleeping next to me in chair and Gabe was on his tablet or asleep I cannot remember Gabe for sure. Our is trailer so if like rectangle the front of rectangle is front room then the kitchen, my office connects to kitchen the beyond down the short hall each of kids bedroom Gabe then trinity’s and 2 bedroom and bath room.

As the house was quiet, I hear down the hall one of Gabe toy  nerf gun cock back like you getting ready to add dart  and shoot the dart.  The Gun  popped and  something or dart  came into the kitchen floor by the table. I was shocked by the noise , that one of my  corgis, Charlie  got up and went down the hall way. To check out what it was, he didn’t bark or did anything , he went back to hiding spot and when back to sleep. After the pop I look around to see if anyone else noticed or  reacted, no one did . I even looked for the dart under the table, there was nothing but I did hear something hit the floor, which was weird.  this became one of  the turning points for my spirit readings, me and rob.  We  Discussed it would not be a good idea to do any spirit reading during the autumn season.

This one Hitchhiker ghost that came with spirit I contacted for the reading, plus I noticed my home would fill up with more spirit energy when I did more spirits readings around this autumn season. I tell most of my clients that from September 1st till Dia de los Muertos { November 2nd} the veil begin thin, every 10 days the veil opens more, it will be  fully open on Halloween  and slow start to close after wards. I decided with my husband it would be best not to spirit readings  till December, so we don’t risk getting any more poltergeist activity. Any other time of the year is perfectly fine, but I do not too many spirit readings within a week 1 or 2 when I do. But I always have people  wanting reading for my other services. I do tell people or my clients that may 1st Celebrates  Celtic holiday Beltane or Mayday, which was celebrated in olden days. This date the veil to spirit world open again for 2 days the may 1st eve and  may 1st  day . the legends state the trooping faeries would come out to celebrate the coming of summer, play trick and cause bit of mischief.  many places in Europe or united kingdom would talk of the legend of these days.


Well in closing, I will  present  more stories another day, esp. faeries and nature spirits. We blessed with many who come play and live with our family in our home in Paris. I wish you blessed hallows eve and may the spirit of Halloween bring joy and merriment.

Share your experiences with me , I’d love to hear about it.

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