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Hello Beautiful spirit , Let’s explore Your 7 chakras and Colors of your Aura with some of my products and Services.

Hello Beautiful Spirit , let’s dive into understanding 7 chakras, we each posses, learn about what blocks your chakra, invite ways to rebalance , i can offer lifestyle fixes and realign your chakras, a deeper look at your personal chakras.

Journey thru your heart chakra: is depth look at what you see and feel with your heart help heal old wounds or heart ache to learn how you love yourself and the world.

An Awakening of Sacral Chakra: An awakening of the sacral chakra. We focus on sacral chakra where we connect fulfillment, passionate self, creative expression within intimate relationship. I Have .over the years I have helped many clients to explore their sacral chakra. 

Auras, we posses a rainbow of colors when it comes to Aura it connected to our 7 Main chakra, discover how our life we live in this world can be impacted by what we do, say or feel as journey thru life.

Mini Aura reading just look at your colors of your aura, and give information to your energy levels in aura

Aura In- depth reading : we take a deeper look into your personal Aura to see symbols, numbers,, divine being guiding you thru life, and more. I can offer ways to restore balance in your aura as well learn to seal and heal wounds or hole in your Aura.

Chakra and Aura box set are available for purchase from Our Forevrgoddess boutique

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