FG )0( Inner Goddess Love Session )0(

Intuitive spirit Session , it is Love Goddess empowerment , learning the Feminine energy we carry within , learn new forms of Love , how to share and express our love with the world and those within our lives , that in turn makes us a Goddess Love.

Let’s souls connect with unique tarot reading combine with Personal Enlightenment Session , to learn the Keys of Your Goddess Empowerment. Learn 5 love languages, understanding how we love as women, what we learn from our parents, how we grew expressing love , to seeing how others express their love.

Learn new ideas to share love with those within your life. No matter if you in love relationship or not . Use this knowledge will give you the keys of Loves, to know what you want to bring to the table in love relationship. And How to build a better bond with yourself and beyond.

This Session Included a Box Goddess Empowerment Tools, 1 Goddess Gemstone pendant{ customizes for your specific needs}with Goddess charm of your choice, and 20 paged Workbook with Love Goddess Ritual. Let’s Start our journey together, Book your appointment Today.

For more information, Please Click the Link for My Ecrater Boutique below.

Inner Goddess of Love Box set ,Love Smudge blending , abalone shell, 1 Palo Santo stick, 3 healing love gemstones, Choice from 1 goddess pendant { more gemstone beads added to your specific needs}
Inner Goddess work book

Here is the link to Connect you to see full details of my Inner Goddess of Love Session.

Consider Booking an Appointment today. Let’s Begin Your journey to being a Love Goddess.

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