FGB )0( Inner Goddess Of Spring Transformation Session )0(

Intuitive spirit Session , it is Spring Goddess empowerment , learning the Feminine energy we carry within , learn new forms of Spiritual transformation ,understand how outdated or limiting mindset can keep Us in lower vibrations. learn to invite a positive change, perfect timing for the Spring.

Let’s souls connect with unique Guided Meditation with Goddess Eostre combine with Personal Enlightenment Session , to learn the Keys of Your Goddess Empowerment. Come to understand your signs of Goddess awakening and time to transform your life for better.

Learn new ideas to share love with those within your life.as you learn of Self care and self love. Use this knowledge will give you the keys of Positive mindset , understand your role a mindful Goddess, and progress thru a spiritual transformation

This Session Included a Box Goddess Empowerment Tools, 1 Goddess Gemstone pendant{ customizes for your specific needs}with Goddess charm of your choice, and 28 paged Workbook with Goddess Eostre Meditation Let’s Start our journey together, Book your appointment Today.

For more information, Please Click the Link for My Ecrater Boutique below.

Each session includes Inner Goddess Of Spring and spiritual transformation 28 paged workbook, 1 on 1 Guided meditation session with Me. as well 1 box set.

Inner Goddess of spring Box set includes : 1 votive, 2 plantable seed paper heart ,1 colored egg with surprise tucked inside, 1 box incense { will vary on floral incense}, 4 healing spiritual transformation gemstones, Choice from 1 goddess pendant { more gemstone beads added to your specific needs}

Here is the link to Connect you to see full details of my Inner Goddess of Spring transformation Session.

Consider Booking an Appointment today. Let’s Begin Your journey to being a Spring Goddess.

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